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Security Champions

Equip Engineering Teams for Security

Product security is the responsibility of your engineering team.

Equip them with skills they need to build better software, secure it efficiently, and improve customer trust.
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Smooth functioning of engineering teams

We're making it easier than ever to engage with security

Engineering and security teams often work in siloes with zero communication. Security teams are expected to fix vulnerabilities with no knowledge of how it was built. Meanwhile, engineering teams are forced to push out new builds as fast as possible with no regard to security.

In reality, security teams should work on a consultative basis, while engineering teams take on the responsibility of security.

Introduce Security Champions into your operations and give your teams the spark they need to be greater.
Security Champions

How it works

Identify key members of your engineering team who have a special interest in security — these are your Champions
Give your Champions the resources they need to grow: opportunities, security training, and encouragement
Let them use their newfound skills to transform your company's security
Training for the Full Stack like never before

How AppSecEngineer can help you

AppSecEngineer is a comprehensive training suite designed
for ALL members of the product team.
Whether your security engineer is a developer, cloud engineer, architect, or DevOps, we can train them.
All courses features hands-on labs & cyber-ranges for real-world security experience
Kubernetes, DevSecOps, AWS security...we cover every last angle of application security
Zero Risk
All our labs run in isolation on our servers, meaning zero security risk to your network
Easy Learning
Courses are broken up into bite-sized lessons and labs for easy, self-paced learning
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It's not a feast, it's the entire menu

AppSecEngineer's library doesn't just feature courses, videos, and hands-on labs.

We also have Playgrounds for developers to learn secure coding, and Challenges where users can test their security skills.

Courses for Security Champions

Resources for Security Champions

Take Control Today

Forge a brand-new path to better security

Security Champions can help you take back control of your security program. All it takes is the right training suite to get them started.
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Hands-on. Defensive. Bleeding-Edge.

There's no other training platform that does all three. Except AppSecEngineer.
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