Google Cloud Storage Security Essentials

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Google Cloud Security
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Google Cloud Storage is a fast, flexible cloud storage service offered by GCP. It’s relatively easy to use compared to competitor offerings like Amazon S3, and even offers seamless integration with Google services like Drive.

In this course, we’re taking a deep dive into Google Cloud Storage, using hands-on labs to learn how Cloud Storage operates, what access control configurations it offers, and important security features that will become a regular part of your workflow.

We begin with a general overview of Cloud Storage, learning about features like versioning and Object Lifecycle Management. We’ll then move on to access control for Storage, learning about different mechanisms of access control, fine-grained control mechanisms, etc. You’ll get to try all of these for yourself with hands-on labs.

Finally, we’ll be learning about important security features for Cloud Storage, including encryption and Signed URLs. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to implement all of these concepts in a real-world Google Cloud workflow.

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