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We train your employees with the skills they need to protect your organization. At scale.

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InfoSec Training can be a pain

We are here for you.

Over 90% of AppSecEngineer for Businesscustomers see improved results within 3 months.

Whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees... Hands-on Security Skills for where you are headed.
Train Developers and Security Engineers
Hands-on security training: At scale
Assess and upgrade security skills at every level
Staying current with cutting-edge Security Innovations

AppSec skills that Companies are actually looking for

Master in-demand security skills. Whether you're starting out or a seasoned pro.

97% of AppSecEngineer learners report a career boost within 6 months
Build skills YOUR way, from labs to playgrounds to challenges
Keep up with the latest in AppSec
Learn by doing with 600+ labs, playgrounds and challenges
Become the MVP in your security team

Our Students work at

700+ Hands-on Labs
to train you in EVERYTHING

Learn real world skills that you will really face in your day-to-day!

Based on real-world security scenarios
Covers Offensive AND Defensive security
Browser based: Risk-free learning on any network
No AWS needed: Instant access to AWS, Azure environments
Deep-Dive into Hands-on Labs

Secure by Default with Playgrounds

Explore, experiment, and learn with truly freeform sandbox-style lessons.

Sandbox environments to experiment in
Train in the best secure coding practices
Specific to a particular programming language
Full-stack: Good for Developers and Cloud Engineers
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Challenge yourself and your team

Using a CTF-style approach, you need to find, identify, and fix the security issue to pass the Challenge.

Test your security skills with Full-Stack Security Challenges
Review vulnerable code and security misconfigurations
Test yourself against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities, Infrastructure-as-Code Flaws and Cloud Misconfigurations
Earn badges and showcase your achievement to the world
i am ready for a challenge!
All 40+ world-class
500+ hands-on labs
modeled on real-world security
career-focused skills & content
new courses added every month
courses in the hottest areas of appsec

AppSec skills gap:
How YOU can benefit

Unlimited access. No downloads, no installs. AppSec learning has never been so easy.
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50+ world-class
700+ hands-on labs
modeled on real-world security scenarios
challenges, labs, playgrounds and sandboxes: browser based
new courses added every month
hot areas like kubernetes, aws, devsecops

Courses released recently

Ruby on Rails Security Playground
Ruby on Rails Security Playground
Nuclei Automation for DevSecOps
Nuclei Automation for DevSecOps
Web Application Firewall Essentials - with ModSecurity
Web Application Firewall Essentials - with ModSecurity
Auditing AWS Environments
Auditing AWS Environments
Containers Beyond Docker
Containers Beyond Docker
Essentials of Container Monitoring
Essentials of Container Monitoring
Container Supply Chain Security Essentials
Container Supply Chain Security Essentials
Attacking and Securing Container Registry
Attacking and Securing Container Registry
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New Challenges

Golang Gritty Gopher
Golang Gorgeous Gopher
Golang Gelatinous Gopher
Golang Gluttonous Gopher
Golang Garrulous Gopher
Do You No De Way
Parse Me That Node
Node're-Dame De
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The best in Information Security with sold-out events at conferences like AppSecUSA, EU, AppSecDay Melbourne, CodeBlue (Japan), BlackHat USA and SHACK.
meet your trainers

Never found a crypto class this informative. Great job, Abhay!

Sukanya S
senior security engineer
World's Largest Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Abhay is a phenomenal instructor, he is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The labs were really fun and relevant... I learned a ton and look forward to putting it into practice.

Christian San Roman
Senior Security Executive
Defense industry

Thanks AppSecEngineer for amazing courses, information

Moises T.
DevSecOps, Purple Teaming

Thorough threat modeling process that can be applied to internal and external networks.... Training was a 10x multiplier for us, allowing our team to easily build models the SOC can use.

Jessica O.
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunt Development Lead

Cutting edge isn't good enough.

Stay on the Bleeding Edge: Blogs, Live Codes, AppSec Tools, Scripts...

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