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Hands-on Full-stack Security Training for

Learn Cloud Security, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and more. 100% hands-on.

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We guide security engineers, architects, and developers to get new skills in AppSec with over 1000+ interactive and hands-on labs.

Security Training for



Train your team in full-stack security more easily, more quickly, and more effectively

With our proven training methods and content,
over 90% of our
AppSecEngineer for Business clients see improved results in as little as 3 months.
Variety of learning paths to suit your business needs and goals
Comprehensive and hands-on training
Modeled after real-world security scenarios for effective learning
Analytics and reporting tools to track your team’s progress

Learn the most in-demand security skills more easily, more quickly, and more effectively

With our rigorous training methodology, 97% of our AppSecEngineer for Individuals customers report a career boost in as little as 6 months.
1000+ interactive and hands-on labs, playgrounds, and challenges
Training library that covers 50+ expert-led courses
Learning paths tailored to needs, interests, and goals
Wide variety of training approaches (courses, labs, playgrounds, challenges)

Our students are from the world’s leading firms

Learn best with 1000+ labs modeled after real-world security scenarios

Pick up and hone all the full-stack security skills that are highly marketable and imminently hireable.

Wide variety of playgrounds and challenges
Interactive and hands-on learning based on real-world security scenarios
Constantly growing library of topics, including offensive and defensive security
Hands-on learning on the go, on any network and browser
explore 1000+ labs

Hone your real-world skills in risk-free playgrounds

Learn, explore, experiment, develop, test, and write secure code.

Risk-free sandbox environments to explore and experiment in
6 playgrounds and 6 programming languages
Training in the best secure coding practices
Modeled after real-world scenarios to enhance learning and training
explore risk-free playgrounds

Challenge yourself and your team to achieve maximum security

Observe, investigate, find, identify, assess, and fix various issues across our challenges.

Full-stack security challenges to push you to your limits
Realistic problems of vulnerable code and security misconfigurations
Tests on OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities, Infrastructure-as-Code Flaws and Cloud Misconfigurations
Badges and achievements to boost your resume and encourage skills upgrading
explore challenges
All 40+ world-class
500+ hands-on labs
modeled on real-world security
career-focused skills & content
new courses added every month
courses in the hottest areas of appsec

Start learning and training more effectively with our world-class resources

It has never been easier and quicker to train yourself in full-stack security features and feel confident in achieving results for your business.
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50+ expert-led courses
1000+ interactive and hands-on labs
Versatile playgrounds tailored to your needs
Full-stack security challenges
Real-world security modeling
Learning paths to suit your needs

Courses released recently

Threat Modeling with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
Threat Modeling with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
Introduction to OpenAPI Specification
Introduction to OpenAPI Specification
Amazon Cognito Essentials
Amazon Cognito Essentials
Kotlin Security Playground
Kotlin Security Playground
Swift Security Playground
Swift Security Playground
Advanced AWS VPC Playground
Advanced AWS VPC Playground
Jenkins Security Best Practices
Jenkins Security Best Practices
AWS IAM Analysis Playground
AWS IAM Analysis Playground
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New Challenges

Kubernetes Warm Falcon
AWS Crystal Lotus
AWS Lame Lightning
AWS Bruised Prince
AWS Enraged Sunburn
AWS Virtue
AWS Vertex
AWS Rush Hour
explore challenges
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Never found a crypto class this informative. Great job, Abhay!

Sukanya S
senior security engineer
World's Largest Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Abhay is a phenomenal instructor, he is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The labs were really fun and relevant... I learned a ton and look forward to putting it into practice.

Christian San Roman
Senior Security Executive
Defense industry

Thanks AppSecEngineer for amazing courses, information

Moises T.
DevSecOps, Purple Teaming

Thorough threat modeling process that can be applied to internal and external networks.... Training was a 10x multiplier for us, allowing our team to easily build models the SOC can use.

Jessica O.
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunt Development Lead

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