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Learn best with 1000+ labs modeled after real-world security scenarios

Pick up and hone all the full-stack security skills that are highly marketable and imminently hireable.

Wide variety of playgrounds and challenges
Interactive and hands-on learning based on real-world security scenarios
Constantly growing library of topics, including offensive and defensive security
Hands-on learning on the go, on any network and browser

Hone your real-world skills in risk-free playgrounds

Pick up and hone all the full-stack security skills that are highly marketable and imminently hireable.

Risk-free sandbox environments to explore and experiment in
6 playgrounds and 6 programming languages
Training in the best secure coding practices
Modeled after real-world scenarios to enhance learning and training

Challenge yourself and your team to achieve maximum security

Observe, investigate, find, identify, assess, and fix various issues across our challenges.

Full-stack security challenges to push you to your limits
Realistic problems of vulnerable code and security misconfigurations
Tests on OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities, Infrastructure-as-Code Flaws and Cloud Misconfigurations
Badges and achievements to boost your resume and encourage skills upgrading

Start learning and training more effectively with our world-class resources

It has never been easier and quicker to train yourself in 
full-stack security features and feel confident in achieving results for your business.

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60+ Expert led courses
1000+ interactive and hands on labs
Versatile playgrounds tailored to your needs
Full-stack security challenges
Real world security modeling
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Upcoming Live Training near you!

AppSec Automation Masterclass

Washington DC & Virtual
November 1st | 9am to 5pm EDT

This training takes a comprehensive, focused and practical approach at implementing DevSecOps Practices with a focus on Application Security Automation: A glued-to-your-keyboard hands-on journey with labs.

Attacking the application supply chain, 2023 edition

December 4th & 5th | 9am to 6pm GMT

This training is a deep hands-on, red-team exploration of application supply-chains. We commence with an understanding of application supply chains, and subsequently deep-dive into story-driven scenarios of exploiting different supply-chains

DevSecOps Masterclass: 2023 Edition

London, UK
December 4th & 5th | 9am to 6pm GMT

This training takes a comprehensive, focused, and practical approach to implementing DevSecOps Practices with a focus on Application Security Automation. The training is a glued-to-your-keyboard hands-on journey with labs.

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Remarkable DevSecOps training! Enjoyed the detailed lab exercises. The supply chain section was the most helpful! Great work!

Security Analyst

Overall good experience, hands-on exercises are straight forward, easy to follow. I will recommend it to my team members for the training is very thorough!

Security Engineer

The DevSecOps course content and material was taught and delivered in a very informative and high level professional way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be an even stronger asset to my company.

Senior Security Executive

Heavy focus on DevSecOps implementation, highly knowledgeable trainers, lots of experience, wide range of topics and tools, very smooth lab set-up, great slides, nice to have extended lab access!

DevOps Engineer


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