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Largest Government Sponsored Enterprise’s security transformation in collaboration with AppSecEngineer

May 7, 2024
Written by
Aneesh Bhargav

About the client

A leading mortgage financing entity, has partnered with AppSecEngineer since 2021 to address critical security training needs. As a quasi-government entity,  it faced immense regulatory pressure to maintain robust security measures.

Outdated in-house security training programs are no longer effective.

Maintaining pace with the scope of application security topics and keeping lab materials relevant proved to be a significant issue for their security personnel. This resulted in skill gaps and low engagement within development, cloud operations, and security teams. After migrating applications to AWS,  this mortgage industry’s behemoth needed comprehensive cloud security training for their teams, but the complexities of building and maintaining cloud security training courses, especially with hands-on labs, require active cloud resources, which only compounded the challenge even more. 

Training transformation with AppSecEngineer

AppSecEngineer's extensive training library provided the solution to mortgage powerhouse needed. With a wide array of courses covering secure coding, DevSecOps, multi-cloud security (including sandbox accounts), cloud-native security (Kubernetes and containers), and threat modeling,The company could address critical gaps in its training program. Popular courses such as cryptography, authorization and authentication, security automation, and AWS security essentials quickly gained traction among teams.

The reliability of AppSecEngineer's labs, featuring clear instructions and dedicated sandbox environments across AWS, Azure, and GCP, encouraged enthusiastic engagement. Teams could freely practice deploying vulnerable resources without jeopardizing corporate cloud resources or networks, which lead to a surge in participation and skill development.

Driving adoption and measuring success

AppSecEngineer's comprehensive admin panel further helped the largest american company drive training adoption. Detailed reports on user and team progress, course completion, challenges, tests, badges, and certificates provided valuable insights. Their security team used the panel to assign relevant courses based on skill sets and job roles to facilitate guided learning journeys. Quarterly assessments, aligned with training topics, made sure of continuous improvement and progress tracking. 

This government sponsored entity’s commitment to security training culminated in annual graduation ceremonies to recognize individuals who successfully completed the Security Champions Program. Certificates, rewards, and recognition solidified the program's impact and developed a culture of security awareness and excellence.

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Aneesh Bhargav

Aneesh Bhargav

Aneesh Bhargav is the Head of Content Strategy at AppSecEngineer. He has experience in creating long-form written content, copywriting, producing Youtube videos and promotional content. Aneesh has experience working in Application Security industry both as a writer and a marketer, and has hosted booths at globally recognized conferences like Black Hat. He has also assisted the lead trainer at a sold-out DevSecOps training at Black Hat. An avid reader and learner, Aneesh spends much of his time learning not just about the security industry, but the global economy, which directly informs his content strategy at AppSecEngineer. When he's not creating AppSec-related content, he's probably playing video games.

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