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Despite its age, Jenkins is one of the most enduring automation and CI platforms out there. From a security perspective, it’s used to automate vulnerability scans, build CI/CD pipelines, and achieve DevSecOps using a wide array of tools, plugins, and integrations.

This course is a hands-on look at how you can integrate a host of security scanners, data migration tools, and analytics/monitoring platforms right into Jenkins.

First we start off with the popular DAST scanner, Dastardly by Burp Suite. We’ll learn how to integrate this tool with Jenkins in a hands-on lab. Next, we’ll go over Hashicorp Vault for secrets management. 

In the next section, we’ll integrate two database migration tools — Flyway and Liquibase. Our next labs will explore monitoring & analytics in Jenkins with Grafana and Prometheus. Finally, we’ll learn to integrate two tracing & monitoring tools — OpenTelemetry and Jaeger.

This course takes a mostly hands-on approach so you get real-world experience of integrating and operating various tools and platforms within Jenkins.

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