Azure functions Security

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Azure Security
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Cloud Engineer
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Security Engineer
Security Architect
Cloud Labs

In this course, we will explore the attack and defense aspects of various vulnerabilities, including Template Injection and Yaml Deserialization on Azure Functions. Additionally, we will delve into run-time event-based attacks like YAML Deserialization and XXE on Azure Functions.

Finally, we will analyze defense strategies such as the importance of logging system and application logs in log analytics and syslog for effective incident management. Furthermore, we will examine how Private Links and Private Endpoints can aid in secure communication.

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Azure Security Functions

Azure Template Injection - Attack

Azure Template Injection - Defense

Azure YAML Deserialization - Attack

Azure YAML Deserialization - Defense

Azure XXE Blob Trigger

Azure YAML Deserialization - Blob Trigger

Azure Private Link with Private End Point

Azure Sentinal Syslog