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Business Growth through comprehensive product security training

May 7, 2024
Written by
Aneesh Bhargav

About the client

Several leading security consulting and services companies faced a common challenge: limited security expertise among their billable resources that slowed down the expansion of their security consulting services. Recognizing the need to upskill their teams, they turned to AppSecEngineer.

The need to diversify their security portfolios

These companies provide security consulting and services. However, their resources were primarily proficient in penetration testing, a commoditized service. This limitation restricted their revenue potential and prevented them from bidding on high-end security implementation projects. To address this challenge, they required comprehensive training in DevSecOps, cloud security, cloud native security and defensive security skills.

From pentesting to premium security services

AppSecEngineer was the ideal partner for these companies, with our comprehensive curriculum spanning critical security domains. Our emphasis on defensive product security implementation techniques resonated with their goals. Unlike traditional training resources that often rely on passive learning methods, AppSecEngineer provided interactive labs and challenges, allowing consultants to gain real-world experience across diverse topics like secure coding, cloud security, and DevSecOps. 

  • Multi-topic offerings, including DevSecOps and cloud security
  • Defensive-oriented focus so that project teams have the skills and knowledge to pitch and win premium security implementation projects
  • Hands-on, diverse learning environment with courses ranging from Git basics to IaC scripting to complex k8s security implementations and cloudsec automation
  • Guided learning experience through course and test rollouts
  • Mapping of courses to industry certifications, providing a structured learning path

These consulting and services companies, with their vast network of over 345,000 professionals, and as a leader in cybersecurity solutions, entrusted AppSecEngineer to equip their consultants with cutting-edge skills. Our platform's flexibility proved invaluable, catering to varying skill levels. Consultants with limited coding or cloud experience benefited from foundational courses like Git101 and Jenkins101, while seasoned pentesters delved into advanced cloud security and DevSecOps training.

AppSecEngineer's Admin Panel streamlined the training process and provided them with the capability to efficiently manage course deployments and track learner progress. Our alignment with industry-recognized certifications, such as OSCP and various cloud security certifications, provided consultants with clear learning pathways and facilitated professional development.

Within six months of implementing AppSecEngineer's training program, both companies witnessed a significant transformation. Their teams, now equipped with in-demand skills, successfully secured and delivered multiple DevSecOps and cloud security projects with premium rates, unlocking new revenue streams. This strategic upskilling initiative not only addressed immediate business challenges but also positioned both companies for sustained growth moving forward. 

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Aneesh Bhargav

Aneesh Bhargav

Aneesh Bhargav is the Head of Content Strategy at AppSecEngineer. He has experience in creating long-form written content, copywriting, producing Youtube videos and promotional content. Aneesh has experience working in Application Security industry both as a writer and a marketer, and has hosted booths at globally recognized conferences like Black Hat. He has also assisted the lead trainer at a sold-out DevSecOps training at Black Hat. An avid reader and learner, Aneesh spends much of his time learning not just about the security industry, but the global economy, which directly informs his content strategy at AppSecEngineer. When he's not creating AppSec-related content, he's probably playing video games.

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