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Your Ultimate Guide to Multi Cloud Security Training with AppSecEngineer

April 18, 2024
Written by
Ganga Sumanth

You know how pretty much every company out there is using cloud services these days? It’s not just a trend—nowadays, that’s the new normal for how businesses run and manage their apps. But here's the thing: the more we rely on cloud tech, the trickier it gets to properly secure it all.

That’s where advanced security training comes into play. No more just checking compliance boxes. We need to build a strong security-minded culture within our dev teams from the ground up. AppSecEngineer is an advocate for multi-cloud security training. As an AppSec training platform, we want to take it up another notch.

Table of Contents

  1. A deep dive into multi-cloud strategies
  2. Why specialized multi-cloud security training
  3. A tri-fold approach in multi-cloud security training by AppSecEngineer
  4. Attack, Detect, Defend
  5. AWS Security Training with AppSecEngineer
  6. AWS Security Roadmap
  7. Azure Security Training with AppSecEngineer
  8. Azure Security Roadmap
  9. GCP Security Training with AppSecEngineer
  10. Google Cloud Platform Security Roadmap
  11. Continuous learning and practical application, that’s AppSecEngineer!

A deep dive into multi-cloud strategies

These days, the business world is going all-in on cloud computing. Companies across the board—from healthcare companies to banks, retailers to government agencies—are shifting more and more of their digital operations to cloud platforms. But it’s not as simple as just storing data or running some apps remotely. Businesses are combining multiple cloud services to build systems that are flexible, resilient, and innovative in entirely new ways.

Having a multi-cloud environment is considered a strategic move to meet the complex digital needs modern businesses face. Mixing and matching services from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others help companies optimize operations, tap into specialized capabilities, and avoid being locked into any single vendor. This is how these companies are making sure that their tech stays agile and their operations keep humming.

Of course, with this incredible flexibility come challenges. As companies adopt a multi-cloud environment, managing and securing it has become an increasingly hairy problem. But it doesn’t stop at just the technical hurdles; they have to be strategic too. Cybersecurity teams suddenly found themselves on the frontlines, now tasked with securing these vast multi-cloud architectures against threats. And this is on top of staying compliant and keeping operations efficient.

Now, we have a tangled situation. And sophisticated security training is more important than before. Here at AppSecEngineer, with our hands-on, real-world approach, we help teams acquire the skills to secure multi-cloud environments and develop a proactive, resilient culture of security.

Why specialized multi-cloud security training

The 2019 Capital One data breach is a prime example of the very real risks that come with securing multi-cloud environments. In case you missed it, an improperly configured web firewall left the door wide open and exposed the sensitive personal data of over 100 million customers. It was a very costly mishap, and, at the same time, the Capital One data breach just proved to us the need for cybersecurity pros who really understand, at the granular level, the importance of juggling security across multiple cloud platforms.

These days, training people with those specific multi-cloud security skills is more important than before. Managing multi-cloud setups deals with different interfaces and configurations. You have to grasp the unique security models of each cloud provider and stitch them together into one cohesive, locked-down framework.

AppSecEngineer and our team of experts can zero in on the exact skills needed to tame multi-cloud complexity and equip cybersecurity teams with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to prevent breaches like what happened at Capital One. With a curriculum centered on real-world scenarios and practical exercises, this training guarantees that security teams aren't just reacting after the fact but proactively getting ahead of threats.

Worried about vulnerabilities in your cloud setup? Discover how our 'Attack, Detect, Defend' webinar can help you identify and mitigate unseen threats through compelling real-world stories. Apply to attend!

A tri-fold approach in multi-cloud security training by AppSecEngineer

When it comes to cloud security, it's important to learn the tools and techniques recommended by major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. But true expertise goes beyond just understanding their offerings. Real cybersecurity ninjas need to know how to systematically hack into systems, spot vulnerabilities, and lock things down against threats. That's where AppSecEngineer's courses really shine. Our training takes a comprehensive approach to give you that complete security mindset.

Attack, Detect, Defend

No matter if you're learning AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud security, AppSecEngineer follows the same proven game plan:


First, you'll learn to think like the bad guys to understand common cloud vulnerabilities. Through hands-on scenarios, you'll actually test attack vectors and penetrate cloud defenses in a safe environment.


The courses then level you up on detecting threats and breaches using cutting-edge monitoring tools. You'll be able to quickly identify any weird activity or intrusions in those dynamic cloud environments.


Finally, you'll master building iron-clad cloud security defenses using modern security tech and best practices. Lock everything down and make your cloud infrastructure a virtual Fort Knox.

But this hacking, detecting, locking it down approach isn't just about dealing with today's threats. AppSecEngineer's training also gets you ready for whatever new vulnerabilities emerge down the road. Courses like their API Security: Attack and Defense class and the Application Security Essentials Learning Path really bring this three-pronged strategy to life. You get to roll up your sleeves and dive into hands-on labs and challenges that level up your ninja skills across all three areas—hacking, detecting fishy activity, and bullet-proofing your defenses. That's how you stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

AWS Security Training with AppSecEngineer

Let’s talk about how AppSecEngineer tackles the beast that is AWS security. AWS packs a ton of powerful services, no doubt. But that vast ecosystem also means grappling with a laundry list of security considerations. AppSecEngineer's AWS-focused training really shines here. We do a thorough analysis of securing the top 3 biggest cloud providers in the market. In this section, we’ll talk about AWS.

At the heart of AppSecEngineer's AWS security training are the hands-on labs, and these aren't your run-of-the-mill scenarios. They're carefully crafted to immerse you into the nitty-gritty challenges you'd face in actual AWS environments. We're talking:

  • Immersive, real-world situations that force you to think on your feet
  • Configuring those crucial IAM policies hands-on, not just reading about them
  • Getting down and dirty securing serverless architectures hosted on AWS
  • An end-to-end training experience that's invaluable for truly mastering AWS security

But AppSecEngineer doesn't stop there. They also throw specialized challenges at you; think of them as real-life AWS security puzzles to solve:

  • Not just regurgitating facts, but applying strategic thinking to solve problems
  • Identifying and shutting down vulnerabilities in simulated AWS environments
  • Ensuring compliance across complex, tangled AWS setups
  • The ultimate litmus test of whether you've got AWS security chops

The hands-on labs combined with these Mensa-level challenges blend book smarts with roll-up-your-sleeves application. It's training that equips you to navigate AWS's continuously evolving security landscape and stay one step ahead.

AWS Security Roadmap

Level 1: Learn AuthN, AuthZ, and Access Management

When it comes to AWS security, nailing authentication, authorization, and access management is important. AppSecEngineer will level up your skills in these areas:

Level 1.1: Attacking and Defending AuthN & Access Control

This one is a two-for-one special. You'll learn how to exploit vulnerabilities in authentication and access control systems, but also how to lock them down defensively. It's an invaluable look at securing AWS from both sides of the fence.

Level 1.2 OAuth and OIDC Essentials

OAuth and OpenID Connect are the foundations of modern identity and access management. This course dives deep into mastering these protocols that are essential for AWS and beyond.

Level 1.3: JWT Jiu-Jitsu

All about getting a handle on JSON Web Tokens. You'll learn techniques for securing rock-solid JWT implementations, but also how to find and exploit weaknesses. It's jiu-jitsu for JWT ninja skills.

Level 2: Learn Secrets Management

When it comes to security on AWS, keeping secrets...well, secret, is mission-critical. AppSecEngineer has some top-notch courses to get you up to speed:

Level 2.1: Introduction to Web App Cryptography

This one lays the critical foundation in cryptography for web apps. We're talking secure communication, data protection—the core crypto skills you need before even thinking about managing secrets.

Level 2.2: Secrets in AWS

After mastering the basics, this course dives headfirst into AWS's toolbox for secret management. You'll learn best practices, get hands-on with AWS's tools, and level up your ability to lock down sensitive data across AWS environments.

Level 3: Learn Security for Various AWS Services

Of course, being an AWS security pro isn't just about authentication and secrets management. You've got to get well-versed in securing all those different AWS services too. AppSecEngineer has some killer courses to round out those essentials:

Level 3.1: Introduction to AWS S3

They'll take you through the ins and outs of locking down S3—you know, Amazon's massively popular storage service. It's foundational stuff you can't miss.

Level 3.2: Attacking AWS Serverless Application

This one's all about finding and patching vulnerabilities unique to serverless apps running on AWS. You'll learn how the bad guys can exploit them and how to build ironclad defenses.

Level 3.3: AWS EC2 and Network Security Basics

Whether it's hardening EC2 instances or securing networking on AWS, this course gets you up to speed on the fundamentals. Can't have holes in these core areas.

Level 3.4: Essential AWS Security Monitoring

Monitoring for threats is just as crucial as prevention. Here, you'll master the tools and practices to effectively keep watchful eyes over your AWS environments.

Level 4: Learn AWS Monitoring

Monitoring is just as important when securing AWS environments. You need to master the tools and strategies for keeping a watchful eye and conducting effective analysis.

Level 4.1: Auditing AWS Environments

This one dives deep into the critical auditing practices for AWS. You'll learn practical techniques for detecting vulnerabilities before they're exploited to make sure that your AWS infrastructure adheres to security best practices and stays compliant with all the relevant standards.

Level 5: Learn Kubernetes and Container Security

Enhance your expertise in Kubernetes and container security with these targeted courses:

Level 5.1: Attacking and Defending Containers

This course provides insights into both exploiting and protecting containerized environments to help you understand container security from an attacker's and defender's perspective.

Level 5.2: Attacking and Securing Container Registry

Learn how to identify vulnerabilities and secure container registries against attacks, with a focus on practical defenses and real-world attack scenarios.

Level 5.3: Container Supply Chain Security Essentials

Focus on securing the container supply chain to prevent malicious infiltrations, including strategies for robust defense mechanisms throughout the container lifecycle.

Level 5.4: Amazon ECR Security Essentials

Specialized training on securing Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) to bolster your container security strategy, emphasizing best practices for managing and protecting container images.

Level 6: Test Your Skills in AWS Security!

Enhance your AWS security expertise through practical challenges:

Level 6.1: AWS Security Challenges

These unique exercises allow you to tackle real-life problems associated with securing AWS's extensive service offerings, from S3 storage to EC2 virtual servers. These challenges simulate scenarios that are typically only encountered in actual security breaches, providing a rare hands-on experience without the risks.

Level 6.1: AppSec Essential Challenges

This program focuses on the fundamentals of application security, crucial for any software development. It provides a realistic, safe environment for you to identify and fix security vulnerabilities using a Capture The Flag (CTF) style approach, enhancing your ability to secure applications effectively.

Level 7: Keep Learning!

Continuously expand your cybersecurity skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of cloud security with ongoing education and practice.

Download the AWS Security Roadmap here!

Azure Security Training with AppSecEngineer

As more businesses jump on the Azure cloud, making sure it is secured is a top priority. AppSecEngineer gets this with our Azure-focused security courses that dive deep into the platform's unique security landscape. We’re not talking about surface-level overviews. Instead, an in-depth understanding of Azure's architecture and how to truly use its built-in security features to the fullest.

Hands-on labs are custom-built to take on Azure's security challenges head-on. So even if you’re mastering Azure Active Directory intricacies, locking down storage accounts, or implementing network security groups, these labs are an immersive playground to:

  • Experiment in a real-world simulated Azure environment
  • Make mistakes and learn from them in a controlled setting
  • Confront Azure security issues just like you would on the job

AppSecEngineer takes it further with specialized Azure security challenges designed to battle-test your skills. Think of them as real-world puzzles demanding creative solutions—not just reciting facts but applying your technical know-how. You'll tackle hands-on scenarios like:

  • Securing web apps hosted on Azure
  • Managing identities and access controls
  • Identifying and mitigating security risks

AppSecEngineer's Azure security training modules not only equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge they need but also the confidence to apply it effectively, ensuring Azure environments are not just operational but optimally secure.

Azure Security Roadmap

Level 1: Beginner

Ready to kick off your Azure security training journey? AppSecEngineer has some foundational courses to get you started on the right foot with those core cloud security skills:

Level 1.1: Practical Azure Key Vault

This one is all about getting hands-on with Azure Key Vault. You'll explore how to properly manage and lockdown those cryptographic keys and secrets used by apps and services running on Azure's cloud.

Level 1.2: Introduction to Azure IAM

Can't forget about identity and access management - it's cybersecurity 101. Here you'll dive into Azure's IAM basics to learn how to control access to your Azure resources and infrastructure. Gotta keep the wrong people out.

Level 1.3: Access Control for Azure Storage

Data protection is important. This course drills down on implementing rock-solid access controls specifically for Azure Storage. You'll ensure that data stays secure and only authorized users can access it.

Level 2: Intermediate

AppSecEngineer builds that progression from the ground up. After laying the fundamentals, courses like this drive your Azure security know-how to new heights.

Level 2.1: Securing Network Access to Azure Virtual Machines

This one zeroes in on locking down network access for Azure VMs—because you can't have that virtual infrastructure exposed to unauthorized access or threats.

Level 3: Advanced

Seeing how cyber criminals can exploit APIs gives you the attacker's perspective to truly understand the risks. Then, you develop the defensive mastery to lockdown those exposed surfaces.

Level 3.1: API Security: Attack and Defense

This one is all about mastering the intricate challenges around securing APIs in Azure environments. You'll learn offensive strategies for attacking and exposing API vulnerabilities. But then, you'll also build up the defensive skills to implement rock-solid protection mechanisms.

GCP Security Training with AppSecEngineer

When it comes to cloud innovation, Google's got a game. But securing that unique Google Cloud Platform environment? That's a whole different beast. AppSecEngineer understands this with our specialized GCP security training tailored for Google's cloud services and solutions.

These aren't just courses packed with dry theory. AppSecEngineer makes it immersive and hands-on from the jump. You'll dive headfirst into interactive lab scenarios that simulate real-life GCP security challenges in a safe environment. We're talking:

  • Configuring Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls
  • Securing cloud functions and serverless workloads
  • Navigating GCP's virtual private cloud (VPC) networking

It's as close to an actual GCP deployment as training gets without the risk.

But here's where AppSecEngineer levels up the realism further—custom-built challenges that replicate common security snafus you'd encounter in production GCP environments. Think of them as puzzles requiring critical thinking, not just memorization. You'll apply skills to solve issues like:

  • Addressing insecure misconfigurations
  • Locking down exposed API endpoints
  • Ensuring data protection and compliance

These provide a living, breathing playground for truly mastering practical GCP security skills before going into the field.

AppSecEngineer melds the theoretical with the real world in their GCP training. You'll understand the concepts, but also develop those crucial hands-on abilities to confidently secure and defend Google Cloud environments from emerging threats.

Download the Azure Security Roadmap here!

Worried about vulnerabilities in your cloud setup? Discover how our 'Attack, Detect, Defend' webinar can help you identify and mitigate unseen threats through compelling real-world stories. Apply to attend!

Google Cloud Platform Security Roadmap

Level 1: Essentials

With these three courses under your belt, you'll have a solid foundation covering core GCP security concepts like IAM, infrastructure risks, and data security controls. AppSecEngineer starts you off strong with these essential building blocks.

Level 1.1: Google Cloud IAM Essentials

You can't go wrong by mastering the fundamentals of identity and access management on GCP. This course lays the groundwork for controlling and securing who accesses your resources in Google's environment. It's Cloud Security 101.

Level 1.2: Google Cloud Storage Security Essentials

Data protection is paramount in the cloud. Here you'll dive deep into locking down Google Cloud Storage, implementing best practices to ensure your stored data remains secure from unauthorized access and threats.

Level 2: Intermediate

These intermediate offerings assume you've got the fundamentals down pat. Now AppSecEngineer amps up the technical depth and complexity. With real-world scenarios and hands-on labs, you'll develop deeper mastery over GCP's unique security nuances.

Level 2.1: Attacking and Securing GCP Compute Infrastructure

Remember that essentials course on ethically attacking GCP compute services? This builds on that offensive security mindset. You'll level up your skills for exposing weaknesses in Google's compute infrastructure, but also level up your defensive abilities to mitigate those risks.

Level 2.2: Google Cloud Network Security

In the cloud, network security is just as crucial as the compute layer. This course dives deep into locking down GCP's networking components. You'll master best practices for securing your network configurations, controlling traffic flows, and hardening that critical vector.

Level 3: Advanced

You'll master locking down virtual private clouds, and controlling traffic flows across hybrid/multi-cloud deployments to implement cutting-edge protection mechanisms - the whole nine yards of network security at scale on GCP.

Level 3.1: Google Cloud Network Security

This is designed for security pros looking to go deep on the complexities of network security within Google's cloud. We're talking advanced insights and strategies for securing GCP's networking infrastructure down to the smallest component.

Download the GCP Security Roadmap here!

Continuous learning and practical application, that’s AppSecEngineer!

AppSecEngineer's training really gets you ready for the full cloud security battlefield. You don't just learn the theories—our hands-on courses let you actually practice hacking, detecting threats, and shoring up defenses in these complex cloud environments.

If you're a cybersecurity pro, you gotta take advantage of these specialized courses to truly level up your skills. Whether you're just starting out or already an experienced warrior, each module is designed to expand your know-how and give you those critical operational capabilities. You'll transform all that book knowledge into real-world insights and battle-tested tactics.

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