Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring Essentials

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One of the most important, yet tragically overlooked, parts of cloud security is monitoring. Releasing a secure product isn’t the end of the line — no application is 100% risk-free, and you need to keep a watchful eye on any activity within your cloud environment that appears suspicious or malicious.

That’s why we’ve prepared this course: a deep dive into logging and monitoring for security in Google Cloud. We begin with a few hands-on lessons on Asset Inventory and how to monitor it. Next, we learn about audit log in GCP, how they work, and how to export the logs for processing.

In the final module, we go hands-on with network monitoring for GCP. We explore concepts like Firewall Logs and VPC Flow Logs, and learn how to use these logs to identify dangerous activity on your Google Cloud environment.

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Asset Search using Asset Inventory 

Asset monitoring using Asset inventory

Exporting the audit logs to the storage

Exporting the audit logs to Bigquery for processing

Firewall logs  

VPC Flow Logs

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