Essential AWS Security Monitoring

Learning Path
AWS Security
Ideal for
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Labs

Cloudwatch and Cloudtrail are the two key logging and monitoring services in AWS. In this action-packed AppSecEngineer course, we explore security monitoring for AWS and AWS Cloud workloads with Cloudwatch and Cloudtrail. 

We start off by exploring the AWS monitoring landscape and the various features of Cloudwatch. This takes us into a deep dive of Logs, Events, Metrics, Alarms and Dashboards.

Up next is Cloudtrail. We learn about control-plane logs and various security and resiliency features with Cloudtrail. You’ll even become familiar with vulnerabilities like SSH Failure, IP credential compromise and more.

Each lesson in this course comes with hands-on labs to give you real-world experience in monitoring enterprise-grade AWS deployments on any tech stack.

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  • API-CW-4XX Metric and Alarm
  • SSH Failure
  • SSM Parameter Change
  • Non-AWS IP Credential Compromise
  • Cloudtrail Log Validation
  • Cloudtrail Resiliency