Practical Azure Key Vault

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If you’re doing anything on the cloud, you’re using secrets — passwords, access keys, and more. Just as with every other major cloud provider, Azure uses a key management service: Azure Key Vault.

In this course, we’re introducing you to the high-stakes game of encryptions and secrets management in Azure. We begin with—well, an introduction—to Azure Key Vault, an overview of how it works, some practical use cases, and we learn about access control.

Next, we get into the good stuff: going hands-on with Key Vault. We’ll learn everything from secrets management and versioning, to real-world implementations of Key Vault with a web app.

After that, we’ll be diving into encryption with Key Vault, with a look at algorithms, modes, and encryption access parameters. We’ll learn all these techniques with hands-on labs.

We’ll end the course with a look at success factors when using Key Vault. Upon completing this course, you’ll have a detailed understanding of how secrets management works in Azure cloud, and how to implement Key Vault in a real-world environment.

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Secrets Demo on Azure

Real-world implementation of Key Vault for Secrets with a web app

Encryption Demo on Azure

Real-world implementation of Key Vault for Encryption and Secrets Management with a web app

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