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Google Cloud Security

As one of the fastest growing cloud providers in the world, Google Cloud is quickly catching up to competitors like AWS and Azure, both in terms of popularity and feature offerings. GCP is a fast, easy to use, and highly flexible cloud service, and currently boasts a litany of security features that make it incredibly approachable to configure access control, monitoring, and storage solutions. This AppSecEngineer Learning Path covers everything you need to know about security for Google Cloud. It takes you all the way from basic IAM concepts like Roles and policies, to more complex features like Workload Identity Federation and VPC Flow Logs. Crucially, every single lesson in these courses comes with hands-on labs in a real-world GCP environment. This ensures whatever you learn through video lessons is reinforced with practical exercises. If you are a developer working on GCP, a cloud architect, or simply curious to learn about security for Google Cloud, this Learning Path is for you. With how quickly GCP is growing in popularity, these cloud security skills are in high demand. Complete this Learning Path and get certified in Google Cloud Security, IAM techniques for GCP and Google Cloud Storage, and Logging and Monitoring for GCP.

Courses in this learning path:


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After completing this learning path, you'll be able to:

Understand basic and advanced concepts of IAM, storage security, logging, and monitoring for Google Cloud
Use cutting-edge access control techniques like Workload Identity Federation, service account impersonation, and more
Configure fine-grained access control mechanisms and generate Signed URLs for GCP Cloud Storage
Monitor Google Cloud environments for suspicious activity, generate and interpret audit logs
Anyone interested in cloud security for GCP
Developers who want to work on cloud environments
Cloud architects

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