Introduction to Azure IAM

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Azure Security
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Identity and access management are indispensable components of cloud security, as they enable access to cloud resources. Credentials are stored and managed through a single directory structure which supports multiple identity types like Users, Devices, and Services. In addition to identity storage, we should also be able to control access through Roles and Policies.

Azure Active Directory (not to be confused with Windows Active Directory) is a cloud-based identity service from Microsoft, which manages all identities under one single directory.

In this course, we’ll be learning about the various aspects of Identity and Access Management using Azure AD. We begin with an introduction to Azure AD and its various security features.

With the help of lab exercises, we can get hands-on with concepts like User, Group, and Application management. We’ll also explore Role-Based Access Control and security hygiene in Azure AD.

This course will make you proficient in working with Microsoft Azure and its various security features for Identity and Access Management.

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