Access Control for Azure Storage

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Azure Storage is the widely used service in Azure cloud. Organizations leverage Azure Storage for hosting static websites, mounting compute volumes, event messaging and also for storing objects and files. Azure storage could be integrated with Virtual Machines, Containers, Kubernetes and even in Serverless compute environments.

Although being the most widely used service, it is also the most widely attacked service

An attacker would look at compromising

  • Static websites through SubDomain takeovers
  • Blobs through exposed containers
  • Queues through exposed SAS tokens
  • A complete account takeover through application vulnerabilities and other security misconfigurations.

In this course, we’ll be learning how to secure access for Storage Accounts in Azure.

We begin with the basics of Storage Account and its storage options. With the help of hands-on labs, we’ll be learning the Access Control for Storage Accounts.

Finally, we’ll be going over the best practices for managing Storage Accounts in Azure.

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