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Security training for Pentesters

You're not getting the full picture of security...until now

Offensive security and pentesting are just one side of the AppSec coin. You can't ignore defense! Get your pentesting team the skills they need to attack and defend your applications.
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Making security collaborative

Every Red team needs their Blue team partners

Without security skills, your business is losing money in two ways: Data breaches and Inefficient processes.
Let's bust the biggest myth in application security: it's noabout offensive security.
While pentesting is critical, it's only the first step.
Not only do pentesters need to report their findings to developers, they need to help create defensive strategies that will protect against the vulnerabilities they find.
AppSecEngineer's courses feature hands-on lessons where you learn to 'Attack → Detect → Defend' against vulnerabilities in various environments.


of leaders want to hire developers with secure code skills


of managers say secure code training boosted productivity


of developers want hands-on secure coding training
More frequent testing = better data

Give your pentesting a massive boost with automation

Manual pentesting is essential to find deep-seated security flaws in your product. But it's also time-consuming and expensive, which means you can't do it regularly.

But as your product grows in scale, so too should your security testing suite. Automated scans ensure frequent testing at any scale, without messing with your manual pentesting schedule.

With AppSecEngineer, your team can learn how to automate your testing suite in a full-blown CI/CD pipeline. Never worry about missing a deadline because of security again.
In-demand skills for your pentesting team

Purple Team. DevSecOps. Hands-on labs. These aren't just buzzwords

Hands-on Labs

We've got 50+ courses with 700+ hands-on labs and cyber-ranges. Every single lesson is accompanied by its very own real-world activity.


When your team learns new skills, you can put them to the test with Challenges. These are CTF-style exercises where users must solve real-world security issues.

DevSecOps & Automation

Secure your software at every phase of the SDLC, and automate security processes right into your CI/CD pipeline.

Cloud Security

We've got hundreds of hours of hands-on security content for all 3 major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP (coming soon!)

Containers & Kubernetes Security

The future of software is containerized. Train your team to build scalable, secure applications on a cutting-edge Kubernetes stack.

The right team for every job

With the right skills, pentesters can revitalize your product

High-skill pentesters can be the difference between an 'okay' build, and a rock-solid product that gets better and better over time.

Help your team get the skills they need to confidently release products your customers will love.
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Courses for Pentesters

Resources for Pentesters

Hands-on. Defensive. Bleeding-Edge.

There's no other training platform that does all three. Except AppSecEngineer.
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