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Kubernetes Policy Management with Kyverno

May 28, 2021
Written by
Abhay Bhargav

Kubernetes Policy Management with Kyverno| Way of the Future

I don't need to tell you that Kubernetes is a complicated subsystem. And you need some kind of security or policy management tool that helps you actually automate the kind of workloads and the kind of.

The kind of resources that are deployed in #Kubernetes and that's why you need a policy management tool. Now, one of the things that you could have done in the past is look at a tool like OPA or something like that, which is the Open Policy Agent, which is a really powerful tool. It's not only in the past, you're going to learn, you will know. But the tool that I discovered recently was a tool called #Kyverno.

Policy-Management tools like Kyverno are essential to ensure that workloads running on your company's Kubernetes cluster, be it, EKS, AKS, GKE or Bare-Metal are run as per the company's security policies. With the PodSecurityPolicy object getting deprecated, solutions like OPA and Kyverno are essential for the security of your Kubernetes Cluster

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Abhay Bhargav

Abhay Bhargav

Abhay is a speaker and trainer at major industry events including DEF CON, BlackHat, OWASP AppSecUSA. He loves golf (don't get him started).

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