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The Best InfoSec Training Platforms in 2023 (Updated - July 2023)

July 25, 2023
Written by
Aneesh Bhargav

The growing awareness of cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and unforeseen leaks prompts organizations to recognize the importance of information security awareness training for each of their team members. From detecting cybersecurity inaccuracy to preventing malicious attacks, competent and efficient training solutions tackle every possible scenario that learners may experience in their workplaces. Application security awareness training platforms consist of a library of resources, instructor-led training, and true-to-life phishing replications.

Making sure that every employee receives the necessary AppSec  training is an excellent technique to maintain your organization's information security posture and minimize human error resulting in frequent data breaches and other malicious attacks. While many platforms provide security training in the market, it's challenging to figure out the best partner for your organization's requirements.

Here are some tips when you're considering infosec awareness platforms:

  • Does the training have quality and relevant content for your organization's specific needs? For example, they should incorporate security awareness concerns for 2022, like recognizing phishing attacks outside of business contacts and protecting personal devices utilized at work. Contents such as SOC2, PCI, and GDR should be included in their program.
  • How are they delivering their content to the learners? It's no secret that infosec training programs can be tedious, so when choosing a program for you and your teams, the program of your choosing must be delivered in easily digestible chunks. Contents like hands-on labs, security playgrounds, and challenges based on real-world security scenarios are the most efficient way to learn new information.
  • Did they incorporate real-world security scenarios? Having a training platform that mimics real security threats that a learner will face every day in their workplace is critical when choosing a program to train your teams with. It keeps employees engaged and encourages efficiency.

Here are some infosec training platforms that you can implement as your teams' foundation when it comes to fortifying your organization's defenses against malicious attacks:

Disclaimer: Details about these platforms were all gathered on November 16, 2022. Pricing and features are all subject to change by their respective platforms.

11. Practical DevSecOps

Pricing - DevSecOps Professional $899/Lifetime Access

Type of Learning - Content Library | Virtual Labs | In-house Training

Practical DevSecOps promotes real-world, hands-on training by providing learners with task-based information instead of theory. The platform also implements Virtual Labs allowing users to practice and familiarize themselves with how a DevSecOps environment works. Practical DevSecOps deliver in-house and tailor-fitted security training suits for organizations internationally and locally.


  1. Comprehensive training covering various aspects of secure development, operations, and security practices.
  2. Hands-on experience through simulated environments and practical exercises.
  3. Focus on industry best practices, keeping learners up-to-date with relevant techniques.


  1. Cost implications for accessing the platform and training resources.
  2. Limited specialization in certain areas of DevSecOps.
  3. Varying availability and responsiveness of support from instructors or platform administrators.


Simulated environment | Industry-driven content | Interactive elements like guided tutorials and collaborative exercises | Expert instructors with industry experience.

10. Intrinsec Security

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning - Content Library | Hands-On | In-Person Training 

Intrinsic Security specializes in training infosec personnel about protecting their organizations from cloud and cybersecurity threats. Their training program is specially structured to lead learners through the ins and outs of cybersecurity and to outfit them with information, skills, and needed materials to face real-world security intricacy.

In-person training is also available with Intrinsic Security as they believe that bringing team members together is one of the most efficient ways to instill the necessary security learnings every team member needs to possess.


  1. Industry-recognized certifications to enhance professional credentials.
  2. Flexible learning options with in-person and virtual formats.
  3. Hands-on labs and exercises for practical application.
  4. Up-to-date content reflecting the latest trends and best practices.


  1. Potential cost implications for accessing training programs.
  2. Availability of specific courses may vary.
  3. Limited specialization in highly niche topics.
  4. Varying availability of personalized instructor support.


Industry-Recognized Certifications | Flexible Learning Options | Updated Content | Comprehensive Course Offerings 

9. Secure Code Warrior

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning - Content Library | Competitive Events | Coding Simulations | Gamification | Hands-On Labs

Secure Code Warriors not only designed their information security training program for developers to learn how to identify common security flaws, but they also structured their content so developers have the knowledge to write excellent quality codes quickly and effectively. The platform also emphasizes on making sure they provide necessary information to learners to achieve compliance with their carefully thought out learning strategy and scheduled training materials.

Secure Code Warriors is also a huge believer in embedding security best practices into their learner's every decision and action through 100% hands-on training. Engaging team members while training them to identify and fix security flaws in real-time has always been their goal in training users with coding and writing secure software.


  1. Gamified learning for engaging and enjoyable training.
  2. Hands-on coding challenges for practical application of secure coding principles.
  3. Comprehensive coverage of secure coding topics.
  4. Multi-language support for diverse tech stacks.


  1. Limited specialization in highly specific areas.
  2. Gamified learning may not suit all learning preferences.
  3. Some languages don’t support all the resources
  4. Not engaging enough once the user has reached a certain level of proficiency
  5. Price not available on the website


Gamified Learning | Hands-on Coding Challenges | Multi-Language Support | SSO (SAML 2.0) 

8. Veracode

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning -  Content Library | Hands-On Learning | Gamification | e-Learning 

Veracode Security is an AppSec training program devised to link security and developer teams with thorough and relevant secure coding practices to ensure that learners have the ability to mitigate flaws in their codes in real-time. The platform also encourages users to customize their information security training materials to meet the expectations and compliance their team member needs in order to upskill. With their extensive resources, Veracode guarantees that developers will not only learn how to write secure codes but also integrate coding best practices into their everyday work tasks.


  1. Practical and applicable approach with real-world examples and hands-on exercises.
  2. Promotion of security culture and collaboration between teams.
  3. Integration with industry-leading application security testing solutions.
  4. Flexible learning options to accommodate different preferences and schedules.


  1. Limited specialization in highly specific areas.
  2. Availability of specific courses may vary.
  3. Inconsistent results across languages.
  4. No free trial for new users.


Continuous Scanning | Comprehensive Platform Experience | Contextual Platform Data | Cloud-native SaaS Architecture

7. Avatao

Pricing - Enterprise $360 per user /yr

Type of Learning Content Library | Hands-On Labs | Industry-Specific Training | Gamification

Avatao designed its training materials to engage developers in conspicuous cases while exposing and challenging them with genuine and thorough security vulnerabilities that will come up in their everyday working routine as security personnel. Aside from that, they offer a self-paced training platform to support learners on how they want to measure their learning curves. Free-to-use blueprints are also made available by Avatao so that users can start structuring their own modules based on how intricate or simplified the information security training their organization needs.


  1. Emphasizes hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios.
  2. Incorporates a leaderboard and achievement system for motivation.
  3. Intuitive UI.
  4. Reliable cloud backend.


  1. Limited specialization in highly specific areas.
  2. Not every task provides certification.


Hands-On Virtual Labs | Modules for Various Skill Levels & Job Roles | Comprehensive Reporting | Plug and Play Environment

6. SecureFlag

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning Instructor-led Training Sessions | Content Library | Hands-On Labs | Adaptive Learning

SecureFlag prides itself on its integrated secure coding strategy designed especially for developers, DevOps, and QA Engineers. To ensure that they cater to every member of your team, they incorporate relevant secure coding strategies and best practices with their Adaptive Learning method. One key factor about SecureFlag is the efficient way actual vulnerabilities and solutions are embedded with their program for better understanding and encouragement of defensive programming for their learners.


  1. Gamified learning experience for engagement and motivation.
  2. Collaborative networking environment for knowledge sharing and discussions.
  3. Customizable training solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations.
  4. Adaptive learning based on the learners competence


  1. Limited specialization in highly specific areas.
  2. Price not available on the website.


Collaborative Networking | Carefully Designed Learning Paths | Adaptive Learning | Tournaments | SDLC Integrations

5. Security Compass

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning Developer-Centric | Virtual Labs | Content Library

Security Compass is a developer-centric threat modeling platform. Tapering time to market while allowing developers and security personnel to steadily model threats is one of the many methods they are implementing to keep learners engaged and up-to-par with the current DevSecOps technology.

Security Compass also includes a Virtual Lab based on the OWASP Top Ten, supplementing its very own hands-on strategy. Aside from AppSec, the platform offers operation security and compliance training that tackles timely and relevant issues intending to enhance individual skills and expertise to go against a variety of cybersecurity threats.


  1. Updated threat model diagrams.
  2. Customizable dashboards.
  3. Microfocus fortify on-demand integration.
  4. Parallel training track for non-technical learners.


  1. Challenging diagrammatic threat modeling.
  2. Price not available on the website.


Full Library Suite | Software Security Practitioner Suites | Training Implementation Services

4. Try Hack Me

Pricing - Starts at $20 per user

Type of Learning Content Library | Browser Based Labs | Gamification

Try Hack Me is an immersive and hands-on training platform that offers a virtual lab environment for individuals to learn practical skills in ethical hacking and cybersecurity. With a wide range of rooms, challenges, and guided tutorials, users can engage in real-world scenarios, gaining practical experience in network penetration testing, web application security, cryptography, and more. The user-friendly interface, collaborative community, and up-to-date content make Try Hack Me an ideal platform for beginners and experienced professionals alike, fostering a dynamic learning experience and equipping learners with the skills needed to navigate the complex field of cybersecurity.


  1. Exercises in every lesson.
  2. Immersive virtual lab environment.
  3. Start hacking instantly.
  4. Collaborative community.


  1. Slow website.
  2. Limited hands-on resources.
  3. Old CTF rooms get taken down.


Diverse range of topics | Dedicated customer success manager | Onboarding and ongoing support | Custom network environments | Create your personalized custom labs | Transferable Licenses

3. Immersive Labs

Pricing - Needs to book a demo to find out

Type of Learning - Content Library | Interactive Training | Gamification

Immersive Lab's one-of-a-kind gamified technique for security awareness concentrates on establishing momentous experiences that help notions and concepts adhere to users. The platform's minute games, assessments, and experiences were formulated to conduct challenges of intercepting real-world security threats in an engaging and interactive way.

As one of the key features of Immersive Labs, customizing your objectives entitle entire teams or individuals to put emphasis on specific areas to establish awareness. These objectives are mapped out to provide analysis of cybersecurity challenges, threat infrastructures, and present rudimentary cyber technology.


  1. Immersive learning experience.
  2. Gamified approach.
  3. Adaptive learning paths.
  4.  Real time code analysis.


  1. Limited practical real-world experience.
  2. Dependency on virtual labs.


Skill Gap Analysis | Skill Assessment | ProjectsComprehension Checks | Course Recommendation Engine | Adaptive Learning Pathway | Advanced Analytics | SSO

2.  Hack the Box

Pricing - Free | VIP $14/mo | VIP+ $20/mo

Type of Learning -  Content Library | Interactive Training | Gamification

Hack the Box is an online training platform offering individuals, universities, and businesses to enhance their hacking skills without jeopardizing any operating system. The platform promotes an ethical and authentic hacker culture by giving access to virtual experimental hacking labs that provide advanced analytics, strategic recruitment, assessment solutions, and community collaboration.

Hack in the Box offers free and paid training programs incorporating a catalog of deliberately exposed platforms highlighting and exhibiting vulnerabilities and manipulation and attack frameworks, varying in difficulty and intricacy.


  1. Active learning approach.
  2. Diverse range of machines and challenges.
  3. Advanced difficulty level.
  4. Valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check).


  1. Some boxes that are labeled easy to hack are too complex
  2. Needs a certain skill set to make training effective


Technical Skills Development Software | Cybersecurity Software  | Security Awareness Training Program | Virtual IT Labs | Bug Bounty Platform

1. AppSecEngineer

Pricing - Pro Plus Monthly $79/mo & Annually $41.58 /mo | Business Plus $99/mo & Annually 41.58/mo

Type of Learning - Real World Based Hands-On Labs | Instructor-Led Training | Content Library | Interactive Training

AppSecEngineer is the world's first all-in-one AppSec training platform specializing in  Cloud Security, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, Offensive Security and more. They are firm believers in Hands-On training, and exposing security engineers to real-world scenarios is the key to preparing them for daily security threats they will face in their line of work.

AppSecEngineer also provides a whole suite of tailor-fitted security training based on an organization's AppSec needs. Included with this service is identifying an organization's strengths and weaknesses and using both to ensure that every team members and employees know how to exploit their learnings to keep their defenses against data threats. Every single course they offer includes labs, cyber ranges, and security playgrounds to get the most out of their training program reinforced with real-world security scenarios.


  1.  Cost-effective
  2.  Purple Team training
  3.  Based on real-world security scenarios
  4.  Browser based: Risk-free learning on home or office networks
  5.  Courses for your entire product team roles
  6.  Analytics and reporting to track your teams' progress
  7.  Training by AppSec veterans
  8. Subtitles available in Spanish & Portuguese
  9. New Live Events feature lets you learn live from the trainer


Challenges | 60+ World-Class Courses | Based on Real-World Security | Career Focused Skills & Content | Extensive Resources | 1000+ Unique Hands-On Labs | AppSec Playgrounds, Workshops & Challenges | Constantly Growing Library | Training by AppSec Veterans |  Plug and Play Environment



Training your team helps organizations build the security foundations and expertise necessary to keep their defenses strong against malicious security threats. One of the most common reasons behind data theft, breaches, and cyber-attacks has some human elements in it. To avoid these from happening, the first step is always to ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary information to minimize or totally negate mistakes when it comes to information security.

Looking for a compatible information and application security training program for your organization can be challenging. There are so many things to consider! From the cost, contents, and learning type to relevance and infosec training, it's of extreme importance that you know what you and your organization needs. 

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