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Kubernetes Security

Containers are the pre-eminent technology powering modern day applications, and Kubernetes is the platform of choice to orchestrate them. Despite this, Kubernetes has developed a reputation for being impenetrably complex and a major challenge to secure. But the huge open-source community backing it, and its hybrid cloud capabilities are what make it such a powerful tool to build apps on. These Kubernetes Security courses are designed to break down the process of securing fully containerized apps on the platform. This Learning Path aims to help you learn Kubernetes security in a digestible, systematic fashion and take a closer look at things like architecture, network security, secrets management, and access control. In doing so, you’ll be much better prepared to tackle the new challenges that come with building and deploying apps on Kubernetes.

Courses in this learning path:


After completing this learning path, you'll be able to:

Understand Kubernetes architecture, Container orchestration, and Kubernetes clusters & deployments on a deeper level
Securely configure Kubernetes Authentication, Access Control, Admission Control, Policies and more
Work on Kubernetes Service Mesh and manage network security for Kubernetes Clusters
Manage secrets within Kubernetes and use industry-standard best practices to secure highly sensitive data
Anyone interested in Kubernetes and containers
DevOps engineers deploying containerized apps
Developers building apps in Kubernetes
Application security engineers

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