A Beginner's Guide to Careers in AppSec

Full Course Abstract

AppSec is one of the fastest-growing and most high-impact industries that’s only started to pick up steam in the last ten years. Valued at USD $4 billion in 2019, the AppSec market is expected to grow to beyond $15 billion by 2025 according to analysts.

Why is Application Security blowing up?

When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. Websites, services, phones, cars – hell, even fridges – require software to run. Everything we do, and all of our data is stored online. And where there’s user data, there’s something worth stealing. AppSec is the one thing keeping the internet from turning into Grand Theft Data, and it’s never been more important than today. No, seriously. It’s a BIG deal. Companies that rely on web apps for their business need talented security professionals to help them build secure programs, and they’re willing to pay.

What do Application Security careers look like?

In the US, Glassdoor pegs the national average salary of a security engineer at around $98,000, well above what a network engineer or developer can expect to make at around $75,000. Despite this, in a 2020 report by Security Magazine, 76% of leaders face a shortage of cybersecurity skills in their organizations. Which, you know, is kind of huge.

Security is expected to be a $15 billion industry in 2025. Despite this, 76% of leaders face a shortage of cybersecurity skills

About Your Trainer

1. Learn about the OWASP Top 10.
2. Workshops, whitepapers, and resources from cloud providers.
3. Stay up-to-date on current events in AppSec.
4. Learn with OWASP Projects:
    •OWASP Cheat Sheet Series.
    •OWASP WebGoat.
    •OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (SKF).
5. Understand the tech you’re trying to secure.
6. Learn how to code.
7. Take part in competitions.
8. Hone your skills with bug bounty hunting.

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