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All your security learning in one place

When your teams get hands-on skills with AppSecEngineer, they don't just boost your security posture.
They get smarter, build faster, and collaborate more efficiently.
Transform your enterprise team

You can't do AppSec training without a plan

Most corporate security training fails because it isn't organized. Some teams get trained while others don't, and the quality is inconsistent.

This leads to an imbalance between team members: some are way behind others in security skills.

AppSecEngineer can fix that. With one gigantic library of world-class application security content, we can help every member of every team get the skills they need.

And it's all hands-on.
Drive a More Agile Security-Conscious Team

Build faster, cheaper, and secure by default

Nobody talks about the biggest advantage of developing apps securely: it's much faster and more efficient.
When you build software that's secure by default, you avoid a lot of the expensive, frustrating parts of development.
Avoid delays caused by insecure builds and excessive bug fixes
Enable smoother collaboration between security-fluent teams
Never release insecure software again. That's a promise!
Complete Visibility of your Team's Progress

No more blind spots: Track your team's progress

If you're training your teams, you need to know how well they're doing. That's where the Admin Panel comes in.

Get easy visual analytics, downloadable reports, and assign specific courses to specific teams. No more boring lessons!
Handpick only the most relevant courses for each team
Easy, color-coded graphs to track each user or team's progress
Identify weaknesses and change your long-term training strategy
There's More.

And hey, we don't JUST do courses!

Most of our competitors don't update their training catalogs in years. AppSecEngineer is adding new content every week.
Aside from our 50+ courses and 700+ hands-on labs, we also have Playgrounds and Challenges.

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