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With AppSecEngineer, your teams can learn to stop security threats before they even occur.
Allowing them to build faster, stronger code more efficiently than ever.
Transform your enterprise team

Why Corporate Security Training Fails

Every operation needs a solid plan to function, from the basics up to the fancy stuff, everything needs to be perfected.

Corporate security training fails because it's unorganized, it's erratic and tries to do too much with too little.

This often results in teams getting left behind, some individuals having no idea what to do while some others have to carry the load...

Imagine going to war against an army that's made up of hardened warriors that have been training their entire life with only chefs and teachers who only learned how to shoot a gun yesterday.

AppSecEngineer arms your team with a gigantic library of every single possible weapon and shield to both defend and strike against intruders, a library that is always up-to-date and fully hands-on.
Drive a More Agile Security-Conscious Team

Make Security A Part Of The Process And Build Apps Faster Than Ever

The biggest advantage of developing apps securely is that it's much more efficient than making it a separate process from the development phase. Incorporating the security process into your initial building phase allows you to avoid a lot of the expensive and frustrating parts of app development.
Avoid delays caused by insecure builds and excessive bug fixes
Enable smoother collaboration between security-fluent teams
Never release insecure software again. That's a promise!
Complete Visibility of your Team's Progress

Keep Up With How Well Your Team Is Using AppSecEngineer

If you're training your teams, you need to know how well they're doing. That's where the Admin Panel comes in.

Get easy visual analytics, downloadable reports, and assign specific courses to specific teams. No more boring lessons!
Handpick only the most relevant courses for each team
Easy, color-coded graphs to track each user or team's progress
Identify weaknesses and change your long-term training strategy
There's More.

We Have More Than Just Courses!

Most of our competitors put together a bunch of courses and never touch them again. But we constantly update our courses to keep up with the ever-changing world of app security. And to make sure your team gets the best possible training, we've developed Playgrounds and Challenges that are designed to keep our users sharp!

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