Skills Assessment

Manage training for massive teams from a single browser tab

The AppSecEngineer Admin Panel takes the complex task of supervising organization-wide training and makes it ultra-simple.

Assign specific courses to your teams. Track their learning progress.
Get detailed analytics and reports.
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Keep things moving with AppSecEngineer

Limitless options to train Full-stack

Split users into teams based on their roles
Set training goals for all your teams
See quantifiable results with reports & analytics
Built for geographically diverse teams

Maximize results with hand-picked courses for each team

Teams learn best when they focus on courses relevant to their work.

Team leaders can assign specific courses to each team, making sure they're getting the most out of their training. You can even set training deadlines for every individual assignment.

Maximum results, maximum ROI, minimum clicks.
Explore, Assign, Track

Track your team's learning progress with analytics

Get a bird's-eye-view of training across your organization. Weekly and monthly reports show you:
1 Which courses are the most popular
Know which courses your team is loving.
2 Which teams & users are most active
Create groups to get more detailed reports by team. Assign courses, playgrounds and challenges that are relevent to each group.

Add emails individually or save time by uploading a CSV file.
3 Which users are lagging behind
Know which users are outliers to send them reminders of course completion. Have a handle of their progress at all times.

Get detailed, easy-to-read reports

Need training reports for your internal review systems? The Reports Panel lets you download a detailed spreadsheet containing all the info you need. It comes in a handy CSV format, too!
Skills Assessment use cases

How the AppSecEngineer Admin Panel makes a difference

Training and upskilling is an absolute necessity, but large teams still struggle to make the most out of their investment. How do you balance the daily workload AND training?
AppSecEngineer's Admin Panel offers team leaders the tools to make sense of it all.

Find major skill gaps

Looking at the data tells you where your teams lack critical skills and need a boost.

Visualize ROI of training

Visual data & graphs let you clearly communicate the real-world results of security training.

Constantly improve

Take a consistent, focused approach to training and see massive results month-on month.
How can Skills Assessment help your business chart its course to cloud success?
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Playgrounds without cloud costs

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