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Containers & Kubernetes Security

The more cutting-edge your tech stack, the harder it is to find high-quality training for your product team. But with the Containers and Kubernetes Course Collection by AppSecEngineer, you get world-class learning from a single source.

This Collection contains all our courses and Challenges in containers and Kubernetes security. You get everything from policy management and Service Mesh for Kubernetes, to container attack + defense, supply chain security, and monitoring.

We’ve combined bleeding-edge security research with the best hands-on labs in the industry, crafting the most compelling training experience money can buy.

Key takeaways from this Collection

Beginner to advanced Kubernetes courses
Beginner to advanced Container courses
Test your teams with 50+ labs & Challenges
Gain security maturity with Containers & K8s

Courses in this collection

Topics included in this collection

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I've looked at several courses on container and Kubernetes security, but AppSecEngineer’s have to be some of the best. The mix of theory and hands-on strikes a perfect balance. My team were consistently engaged and actually looked forward to training!
Product Manager at cloud solutions innovator
From understanding container vulnerabilities to securing complex Kubernetes setups, these courses cover pretty much everything you need. The challenges were a fantastic addition, giving me a way to improve after I completed the courses.
Software Engineer at leading Fintech company
Kubernetes security can be a confusing maze, but these courses really came through for us. The content seamlessly transitioned from foundational concepts to advanced strategies, and the challenges were like solving real-world security puzzles.
Lead Software Architect at cutting-edge tech firm

Hands-on. Defensive. Bleeding-Edge.

There's no other training platform that does all three. Except AppSecEngineer.
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Use Coupon 'SKILLSURGE15' to get 15% Off Individual Pro and Pro Plus Annual Plans