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InfoSec heads in US Govt don’t sleep well at night.

With good reason: Securing technology is only made harder with training.
Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies

With new technologies emerging every day, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in application security, cloud security, and DevSecOps.

Limited budgets

Government departments often have limited budgets for training and professional development, which can make it difficult to provide the necessary training to team members.

Balancing security with speed

DevSecOps aims to integrate security into the software development process from the beginning, but this can sometimes slow down the development process. Infosec Heads must find ways to balance security with speed and ensure that security is not compromised in the pursuit of faster development.

Resistance to change

Some team members may be resistant to change, particularly if they are used to working with traditional development methods. It can be difficult to convince them of the benefits of adopting DevSecOps practices.

Compliance Requirements

Government organizations must comply with a range of security regulations and standards, which can make it challenging to adopt new technologies and practices while still maintaining compliance.

Dealing with third-party vendors

Many government organizations rely on third-party vendors for their technology needs, and it can be challenging to ensure that these vendors are meeting the necessary security requirements.

Enable your agency's security and development teams to securely build and deliver digital services at speed and scale by providing them with the training they need to do more with less.


Made in the USA. Trusted Worldwide.

As we work towards building a better nation, let us reinforce citizen trust by delivering digital services rapidly and securely. We must detect and resolve flaws in all phases of the software development life cycle to quickly mitigate cybersecurity threats, and ensure that our digital infrastructure remains strong and impenetrable. Together, we can uphold the values of our great nation and keep our citizens safe in this digital age.

Strengthen your agency's compliance posture and uphold our nation's security with modern DevSecOps practices that fulfill zero trust mandates, software supply chain security requirements (SBOM) and Executive Orders. Embrace the call to duty and safeguard our nation's digital infrastructure with resilient and secure systems.

Empower your team to permanently eliminate recurring vulnerabilities by providing them with the skills and knowledge to understand, avoid, and fix them.
With a steadfast commitment to securing our nation's digital infrastructure, we can ensure a safer and more resilient America.

Cutting-Edge Security Training for a Stronger America

Strengthening Our Defenses

Geographically Dispersed Teams? No Problem

Our online, self-paced, and hands-on training can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Consistently improve learning outcomes for teams in different locations with the same high-quality training on a browser.
No Downloads, no installs needed.

Full-Stack Training for the Whole Team

From the Analyst to the Engineer to the Head of Department, AppSecEngineer helps develop secure coding practices and apply them across the full-stack. Front-end to back-end infrastructure - our training ensures everyone is ready to defend against cyber threats.

Hands-On Learning Labs and Cyber Ranges

Experience practical scenarios, identifying and mitigating real-world cyber threats. Our cyber ranges enable trainees to test new skills and techniques in simulated attack scenarios within a safe and controlled environment.

Tailored to Meet US Department Requirements

Tailored to meet the unique cybersecurity requirements of US Government departments. With specialized courses and expert instructors, we ensure that your team receives the training they need to defend against cyber threats and protect our nation's critical infrastructure.

Define, Assign, Repeat. It's That Easy.

Train several teams across your organization with just a few clicks. Define your teams, assign courses, and you're ready to go.

Track Your Team's Progress, Improve Security Posture

Track learning progress right down to each team member and identify areas for improvement quickly. With AppSecEngineer training, reduce the risk of security incidents and improve the security posture of our great nation in just weeks.

Tailored AppSec Training Modules to
Strengthen Government Cybersecurity

…and Meet Compliance Requirements

Build a Stronger Defense: Zero Trust Cybersecurity Training

20+ labs
8hrs 30min
2 playgrounds
7 challenges

DevSecOps for Powerfully Agile Governance

15+ labs
6hrs 45min
3 playgrounds
5 challenges

Getting Ahead of Threats with Proactive Threat Modeling

30+ labs
10hrs 20min
4 playgrounds
8 challenges

Secure Critical Infrastructure with Strong Supply Chain Cybersecurity

22+ labs
7hrs 15min
2 playgrounds
6 challenges
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