Risk-free playgrounds to learn real-world skills

Make insecure code a thing of the past

Even world-class developers lack one critical skill: writing secure code. Your team is losing productivity without realizing it!

Playgrounds are designed to help developers get hands-on with secure coding in minutes.
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Cross Origin Resource Sharing Playground
Attacking Kubernetes Clusters Playground
Recon - Subdomain Enumeration Playground
Recon Javascript Inspection Playground
Recon Content Discovery Playground
Kotlin Security Playground
Swift Security Playground
Advanced AWS VPC Playground
AWS IAM Analysis Playground
AWS Lambda Vulnerability Assessment Playground
OSV Scanner Security Playground
Ruby on Rails Security Playground
GoLang Security Playground
Python Security Playground
Angular Security Playground
NodeJS Security Playground
Java Security Playground
Secure by default

Spend less time worrying about threats with secure code

Writing code that's secure by default lets you focus on what really matters: building better products.

Curious what else Playgrounds can do for you?

Train in your language of choice

We have Playgrounds in 6 popular programming languages, with more on the way

Experiment in freestyle cyber-ranges

True to their name, Playgrounds let you mess around with the code in the environments. Explore, experiment, and learn with truly freeform sandbox-style lessons.

The full hands-on learning experience

Playgrounds use the same amazing format as our hands-on labs. Real-world scenarios simulate how you would find and fix specific security issues in code.

Waste less time fixing security bugs

When your code is secure to begin with, your developers spend less time fixing security vulnerabilities. Improve efficiency, release faster, and beat every deadline.

Playgrounds are the stuff of Security Champions

Kickstart your Security Champions program with AppSecEngineer!
Train your best and brightest team members in secure code practices with Playgrounds.
Foster a culture that prioritizes security
Nurture your team's interest in AppSec
Achieve AppSec competence across your organization
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