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Threat Modeling

What if you could create a detailed blueprint of your software, and identify security threats before they become a problem? With the Threat Modeling Course Collection by AppSecEngineer, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do.

Through a series of in-depth video lessons, you’ll learn about various threat modeling methodologies, how to build your model from scratch, and explore attack and mitigation models for real-world applications.

Through engaging exercises, you’ll understand how your threat model fits into your overall DevSecOps workflow, how to write abuser stories and test cases, and generating threat-models-as-code.

Key takeaways from this Collection

How to use Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
Apply threat models in Agile SDLC
Abuser stories, test cases, threat-model-as-code

Courses in this collection

Topics included in this collection

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Threat modeling has always been a bit elusive for my team, but these courses made it all click. The step-by-step breakdown of threat modeling concepts and integrating them into a DevSecOps pipeline gave us some solid, actionable learnings.
DevOps Engineer at Streaming Services Provider
I found these courses to be pretty comprehensive and practically oriented. From dissecting common threat vectors to writing abuser stories, it had a lot of useful takeaways by the end.
Developer at SaaS Company
Threat modeling is seriously underrated compared to other security activities that have more visible impact. Fact of the matter is, if you can anticipate and build around potential threats to your software, that’s going to make a much bigger difference than if you set up a million defenses after the fact. These courses taught me how to do that!
Head of Product at International Logistics Corporation

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