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Cross Origin Resource Sharing Playground
Attacking and Securing GCP Compute Infrastructure
Google Cloud Network Security
Git 101
TLS and Encryption of Data in Transit
Security Logging for Application Security

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AWS Poor Bee
AWS Amazing Darling
Winter Fly

Cool New features on AppSecEngineer

Google Cloud Sandboxes

Google Cloud labs just got a whole lot better! If you're training a team of 5 or more on an AppSecEngineer Business Plus or Enterprise plan, you now have access to GCP sandboxes. Now you can avoid paying extra for your own cloud hosting. Enjoy the full library of hands-on GCP labs without needing to bring your own cloud accounts!

Azure Sandboxes

Train without limits in Azure security with our brand-new Azure Sandboxes! Big teams training in cloud security run into one big problem: expensive cloud hosting and maintenance costs. Make all that go away with Cloud Sandboxes. Exclusive to our Business Plus and Enterprise plans, teams of 5 or more will now be able to run their Azure security labs without needing to bring their own Azure account. Say goodbye to cloud fees for good! Cloud Sandboxes are currently available for our AWS and Azure security content.

Awesome New Resources coming soon

AWS API Gateway: Custom JWT Authorizers
The Human Error Factor in Data Breaches
Navigating the Path of Cybersecurity Risk Reduction for Lasting Success
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