Risk-free cloud sandbox environments

Cloud costs too high for cloud learning?
Not anymore

Using your company's AWS or Azure account for learning can get expensive.

Teams that are training on AppSecEngineer get access to our exclusive cloud sandboxes. Run hands-on labs, practice your skills, and play in a hands-on environment at no extra cost.
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Sweet, sweet cloud sandbox savings

You get the complete package, and then some

Setting up a custom cloud environment can be complicated, and might even create security risks. On AppSecEngineer, you can spin up airtight cloud labs in a single click. 

Imagine what else you can achieve with cloud sandboxes:

Cloud labs & cyber-ranges, now available instantly

Enterprise test environments need to be set up, configured, and secured before you can use them. Skip all that with instant cloud terminals you can access with zero hiccups

Skip the hassle of setting up complex cloud environments

Cloud environments are a pain to set up: networking, storage, endpoints, computing, databases... Who’s going to build and maintain all that? With Cloud Sandboxes, we handle all of these at no extra cost.

Say goodbye to accidental charges

Cloud sandboxes are automatically nuked after you're done using them. No more worrying about lab environments accidentally left open.

Zero security risk to your enterprise network: Freedom!

The biggest concern with hands-on security learning is, well...security. All our cloud environments are hosted by us, making it impossible for security threats to affect your company's network.
AWS sandboxes can cost up to $5000 per year for small teams. That's not even counting the dozens of man-hours taken to maintain them.
With AppSecEngineer, you
spend zero dollars and zero man-hours, but get ALL the perks.

Soar through the cloud — and above the competition

With Cloud Sandboxes, we want to ensure that when you log in to AppSecEngineer, you're in a virtual playground that has everything you need.

We have all the tools you need, AND we'll show you how to use them.

AppSecEngineer Sandboxes vs In-House

For Business Plus & Enterprise members of AppSecEngineer only

This is cloud security learning
with zero friction

The easier it is to learn, the more inclined your team will be to get trained.
Get skills 2x faster
Hands-on labs are twice as efficient as traditional video lessons
Retain 4x more information
Your brain literally gets rewired when you train hands-on
10x more scalable
Hands-on, self-paced training can be scaled up to thousands of people
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