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The DevSecOps Collection features AppSecEngineer’s complete library of courses, Challenges, and Playgrounds on security test automation, building CI/CD pipelines, and regression testing.

Through hands-on labs, you’ll experience how to scan source code with static analysis, test applications at runtime with dynamic testing, and identify vulnerable dependencies with source composition analysis. 

We’ll leverage the power of CI platforms like Jenkins, Github Actions, and Gitlab to learn concepts, automate security testing, and generate comprehensive reports.

Key takeaways from this Collection

Automate SAST, DAST & SCA scans
Github Actions, Gitlab & Jenkins for DevSecOps
Use open source tools like ZAP, Nuclei & more
Build CI/CD pipelines from scratch

Courses in this collection

Topics included in this collection


I'm always on the lookout for courses that bridge the gap between DevOps and security. AppSecEngineer demystified CI/CD pipelines and security automation for my team, and helped us go from design to deployment faster than ever
Project Leader at major telecommunications giant
Being a Full Stack Developer, integrating security into our DevOps pipeline has always been a challenge. But AppSecEngineer has been something of a game-changer. The modules on automating SAST and DAST scans, coupled with GitHub Actions has given me some great ideas on improving my team’s approach security.
Full Stack Developer at Digital Transformation Agency
The hands-on approach of these courses is everything I’ve been looking for. It means I can skip the boring fluff and get to the meat of the topic right away, saving me so much time and boredom.
Software Development Lead at Mobile App Development Studio

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