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Azure Security

When it comes to cloud-native applications, you’re dealing with a million moving parts. And there’s nothing worse than being unprepared for the million different ways your cloud can be breached.

Preparation needs training. And training needs to be hands-on. And it doesn’t get much more hands-on than the Azure Security Collection by AppSecEngineer!

Learn everything from access management and secrets, to security for Azure Storage and virtual machines. We’re constantly growing our library of courses and Challenges, adding new content almost every month.

Key takeaways from this Collection

Introduction to Azure security
Access management, secure cloud storage
Securing Azure virtual machines
Secrets management in Azure

Courses in this collection

Topics included in this collection

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Securing Azure services can be a real problem, but these courses have simplified the process. From hands-on labs securing resources like Azure Storage to navigating secrets with rtAzure Key Vault, the content was both comprehensive and accessible.
Product Manager at AI-driven Software Company
As a Security Analyst, staying ahead in Azure security is crucial. These courses not only covered the essentials of securing Azure services but also provided a deep dive into practical scenarios.
Security Analyst at Online Retail Platform
These hands-on courses are a game-changer. The real-world scenarios, and the practical approach to securing services like Azure AD and Virtual Machines made the learning experience much more interesting than any other training program we’ve tried so far
Software Development Lead at E-learning Tech Startup

Hands-on. Defensive. Bleeding-Edge.

There's no other training platform that does all three. Except AppSecEngineer.
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