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With AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) revolutionizing the tech landscape, the need for robust security in AI-driven applications has never been more critical. Our new training collection, "AI Combat & Construct" offers an immersive, hands-on experience in both attacking and defending AI and LLM applications, as well as leveraging AI for advanced security engineering.

Key takeaways from this Collection

Tackle real-world AI and LLM vulnerabilities
Learn to both attack and defend LLM applications
Explore innovative ways to use AI and LLMs for enhancing security protocols and systems
Real-world examples and comprehensive hands-on labs

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Topics included in this collection

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I’m impressed by the depth of these courses on LLM security. The instructor offer detailed explanations and practical demonstrations of key concepts. The labs in particular were great, they really got me to grips with LLM-based exploits where I’d previously only seen videos or articles on it.
Senior Product Engineer at E-commerce Tech Innovator
This is NOT an easy subject to get good-quality training in, it’s so new and not very well understood. AppSecEngineer has a done an amazing job making such in-depth learning material so soon, and I’m looking forward to more.
Developer at Leading AI Research Lab
These Gen AI security courses exceeded my expectations. I got a full overview of LLM security, covering everything from basic principles to advanced attack methods like prompt engineering. The labs were particularly useful, especially as my company is pivoting hard into the LLM space and wants my team to upskill.
Product Lead at Mobile App Development Studio

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