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HackEDU VS AppSecEngineer

March 15, 2023
Written by
Anushika Babu

What makes AppSecEngineer different?

Most corporate security training fails because it is tedious and boring. Only a handful of teams get trained, while others don't. The quality of training is compromised.

AppSecEngineer can be your partner in fixing the security gap between your teams. We have an outstanding collection of world-class AppSec resources, and we’re confident that we can effectively train all your teams to get the skills needed. 

Develop security skills for everyone on the team

It’s not enough to have security measures in place and emphasize on selective circulation of information. Team members need to have a full understanding of them and know how to deal with vulnerabilities and anything suspicious. AppSecEngineer has one of the biggest libraries of application security materials in the industry. From developers and security engineers to pentesters and security champions, we guarantee high-quality training from world-class security experts.

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Build a More Agile Security-Conscious Team

Creating a security-conscious and risk-aware culture can make all the difference in protecting an organization’s data and vital infrastructure. Building secure applications by default is much faster and more efficient, and nobody talks about it! Insecure software and eliminating delays caused by excessive bug fixes will be a thing of the past. AppSecEngineer promises you that!

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The highest level of custom-tailored security training

AppSecEngineer is a firm believer in hard-core application security training for organizations’ growth and development. With our extensive collection of security training and resources, we are confident that we can be the perfect partner for any organization to train each team member with their core specialization. From Cloud to Kubernetes to Threat Modeling, our Instructor-Led Training program will help train in both offensive and defensive techniques to exploit software, plus learning to detect attacks at their earliest stage.

Learn how to secure any tech stack under the sun >

Zero security risk to your enterprise network

One of the most challenging parts of finding a hands-on security training platform is security itself. Our entire cloud environment is hosted by us to eliminate all the security risks and threats that might affect your company’s network otherwise. This also allowed AppSecEngineer’s customers to avoid the overcomplicated setup and configuration of enterprise test environments.

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Hands-on skills you can't find anywhere else

Building apps with secure coding practices will upgrade every angle of product teams, starting from collaboration to rapid deployment. Our 700+ hands-on labs help in developing real-world skills that cover both offensive and defensive security=Purple Teaming at its finest. Plus, everything by AppSecEngineer is 100% browser-based, hosted on an ultra-light platform.

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Here’s what our customers say:

"Love the AppSecEngineer Training Program, will recommend it to all my people. Best I have seen so far!” - Collins Nwanze, Cloud Engineer, AWS

Feature Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hands-on training?

When you encounter major challenges in your workplace, you need to use hands-on problem-solving skills to solve them. AppSecEngineer is a firm believer that learning doesn’t have to be boring. We stray away from video-only courses or one-way learning. In fact, we made sure to incorporate hands-on labs in all our courses to keep our learners engaged.

Is it possible to only train as a Security Engineer?

We can help you build security skills for every member of your team. 

Insecure codes? Learn to code securely in 7+ popular programming languages. Data breaches and inefficient processes? Learn to secure any tech stack with purple team security. An old-fashioned security framework that isn’t really secured? Bring game-changing security initiatives to your team.

AppSecEngineer has one of the most extensive collections of application security resources in the industry to help your teams protect your organization at scale. Master in-demand security skills whatever your specialty is:



Security Engineer


Security Architect

Security Champion

Cloud Engineer

What do you mean “All your security learning in one place”?

Most of the time, corporate training fails because of its lack of organization. Especially with security, it’s crucial to train each of your teams. Skipping a team or two just because you feel like it’s “unnecessary” for them to learn security means that the quality of your training is erratic. It has no consistency.

To have complete visibility of your Teams’ progress, AppSecEngineer’s Admin Panel will show how well learners are doing with downloadable reports, visual analytics, and even assigning specific courses to specific teams.

How is AppSecEngineer’s “red team vs. blue team” to HackEDU’s “offensive/defensive approach to training”?

Both AppSecEngineer and HackEDU believe that one of the best ways to prepare learners to face security challenges in their workplaces is with purple teaming.

But is that really all that there is to it?

AppSecEngineer adds one more key step in the mix: Detection. Once you are familiar with attacks and exploitation of apps using various tools, we’ll help you detect those attacks at the earliest stage possible. Afterward, we’ll train you to not only prevent breaches but to also build ultra-efficient security processes that reduce costs and manual hours.

AppSecEngineer's content also features real-world security scenarios that our team have encountered while working with product teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies in recent years.

This grounds our lab exercises in real challenges engineering teams face on a daily basis, even at the highest levels.

Here’s what our customers say:

“Very aligned with industry direction, shows that the presenter is very knowledgeable.” - Hector Quartino. Oracle

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