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Must-follow CyberSecurity Stars on Twitter

June 27, 2023
Written by
Anushika Babu

Connect, Learn, and be Inspired with the Best Cybersecurity Thought leaders on Twitter


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying updated and connected is crucial. Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform where cybersecurity influencers share their insights, research, and thoughts. 

To help you navigate this vast network of expertise, we have curated a list of 50 must-follow cybersecurity influencers on Twitter. From industry veterans to emerging voices, this diverse group offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Join the conversation, expand your network, and enhance your understanding of the rapidly changing cybersecurity field.

This is NOT a ranking, in no particular order, here are the InfoSec Twitterati that we love!

  • @briankrebs - Brian Krebs, Investigative Journalist, KrebsOnSecurity.
  • @troyhunt - Troy Hunt, Security Researcher, Have I Been Pwned.
  • @SchneierBlog - Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist, IBM Security.
  • @jeremiahg - Jeremiah Grossman, CEO, Bit Discovery.
  • @mikko - Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure.
  • @jeffbarr - Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist, AWS.
  • @abhaybhargav - Abhay Bhargav, Chief Research Officer, AppSecEngineer.
  • @edskoudis - Ed Skoudis,  Instructor, SANS Institute.
  • @albinowax - James Kettle, Director of Research, BurpSuite.
  • @0xdabbad00 - Scott Piper, Cloud Security Historian, fwdcloudsec.
  • @marcusjcarey - Marcus Carey, Enterprise Architect, Tribe of Hackers.
  • @Hacks4Pancakes - Lesley Carhart, CISO, Dragos.
  • @JohnLaTwC - John Lambert, CISO, Generali Global.
  • @ChuckDBrooks - Chuck Brooks, VP of Government Relations, Generali Global.
  • @csoandy - Andy Ellis, CISO, OrcaSec
  • @CraigSilverman - Craig Silverman, VP of Strategy, Spirent Communications.
  • @sundarnut - Sundar Krishnamurthy, Security Leadership, Expedia.
  • @haroonmeer - Haroon Meer, Security Geek, Thinkst.
  • @rmogull - Rich Mogull, Analyst, Securosis.
  •  @jessysaurusrex - Jessy Irwin, Security Engineer, Tendermint.
  • @adrianco - Adrian Cockcroft, Advisor/Analyst, OrionX.
  • @geoffbelknap - Geoff Belknap, CISO, Slack.
  • @HackingDave - Dave Kennedy,  CISO, Binary Defense.
  • @jameslyne - James Lyne, CTO, Helical Levity.
  • @Beaker - Paul Kocher, Security Technologist, Rambus.
  • @cnoanalysis - Chris Sanders, CTO, Uber.
  • @DanielMiessler - Daniel Miessler, Security Researcher, IOActive.
  • @colindomoney - Colin Domoney, Chief Technology Evangelist, 42 Crunch.
  • @dcuthbert - Daniel Cuthbert, Global Head of Cyber Security Research, Banco Santander.
  • @martin_casado - Martin Casado, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz.
  • @kevinmitnick - Kevin Mitnick, Chief Hacking Officer, KnowBe4.
  • @MalwareJake - Jake Williams, Chief Architect, BreachQuest.
  • @marknca - Mark Nunnikhoven, VP of Cloud Research, Trend Micro.
  • @sebastian_paul - Sebastian Avarvarai, Security Manager, Canon EMEA.
  • @vasujakkal - Vasu  Jakkal, CVP, Microsoft.
  • @riskybusiness - Patrick Gray, Podcast Host, Risky Business.
  • @rUv - Reuven Cohen, Co-founder & CEO, AwardPool.
  • @selenakyle - Selena Kyle, Security Researcher, Google.
  • @singe - Dave Kennedy Founder, TrustedSec.
  • @jrhunt - Randall Hunt, VP Cloud, CaylentInc.
  • @WeldPond - Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco.
  • @wimremes - Wim Remes, Security Strategist, Salesforce.
  • @krmarko - Kurt Marko, Tech analyst, consultant and writer, MarkoInsights.
  • @monkchips - James Governor, Cofounder, RedMonk.
  • @chrissanders88 - Chris Sanders, CISO, Sift.
  • @chriseng - Chris Eng, CISO, Veracode.
  • @jaybeale - Jay Beale, CTO, Inguardians.
  • @mjasay - Matt Asay, VP, Developer Relations, MongoDB


In this blog post, we present a comprehensive list of 50 cybersecurity influencers that you should follow on Twitter. These thought leaders represent various domains within the cybersecurity industry, including investigative journalism, security research, CISO leadership, Educators and Trainers. 

From Brian Krebs and Troy Hunt to Abhay Bhargav and Lesley Carhart, each influencer brings unique insights and experiences to the table. By following these influencers, you'll gain access to the latest trends, cutting-edge research, and thought-provoking discussions.

Join the conversation, stay informed, and be inspired by this dynamic group of cybersecurity experts.


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