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Effective reconnaissance is a crucial first step in any security project, as it lays the groundwork for identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats. One key aspect of reconnaissance is content discovery, which involves uncovering valid endpoints and paths within a given system or network. 

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the available content and context, pentesters and security engineers can expand their attack surface and improve their ability to detect and prevent security breaches thereby enhancing overall security posture.

This playground explores various tools that help you perform content discovery. Some are well known established tools whilst others are rather new and still gaining traction. Some tools covered in this section include Wfuzz, a Web Application brute force tool, FFUF, a very fast fuzzer, and KiteRunner, a content discovery cum endpoint brute forcer. We will also be covering FeroxBuster, a brute force enumerator for web application resources.   

In this playground, you will learn to use these tools and implement them on a vulnerable API server giving you the hands-on experience to learn effectively.

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Using Wfuzz for Content Discovery

Using FFUF Content Discovery

Using KiteRunner Content Discovery

Using FeroxBuster Content Discovery

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