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CyberSecurity Rockstars on LinkedIn

July 27, 2023
Written by
Anushika Babu

Connect, Learn, and be Inspired with the Best Cybersecurity Thought leaders on LinkedIn


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying updated and connected is crucial. LinkedIn is the platform to be on for powerfully relevant content and forming deep connections.

To help you navigate this vast network of expertise, we have curated a list of 50 must-follow cybersecurity influencers on LinkedIn. From industry veterans to emerging voices, this diverse group offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Join the conversation, expand your network, and enhance your understanding of the rapidly changing cybersecurity field.

This is NOT a ranking, just a list of the Cybersecurity Rockstars on LinkedIn that we love!

  1. Varun Joshi, Security Architect, GoTo
  2. Nikhil Kanotra, Solutions Architect- Enterprise, AWS
  3. Sharath Kumar, Principal DevSecOps Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
  4. Abhay Bhargav, Founder and Chief Research Officer, AppSecEngineer
  5. Scott Piper Principal Cloud Security Researcher, Wiz
  6. Chris Farris, Cloud Security Consultant and Evangelist, Prime Harbor Technologies
  7. Joshua Jebaraj, Cloud Native Security Lead, we45 Inc.
  8. Ashish Rajan,Host Cloud Security Podcast
  9. Assaf Rappaport, CEO, Wiz
  10. Chad Lorenc, CISO/CSO, AWS
  11. David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Security Officer, Deloitte
  12. Chris Hughes, CISO, Aquia Inc.
  13. Mic Merrit, vCISO, Merritt Based
  14. Deborah Galea, Director, Orca Security
  15. Anton Chuvakin, Security Advisor at Office of the CISO, Google
  16. Day Johnson, Detection Engineer, Datadog
  17. AJ Yawn, Partner In Charge, Product & Innovation, Armanino LLP
  18. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Kapersky
  19. Keren Elazari, Security Analyst, Leading Cyber Ladies
  20. Troels Oerting, Board Member, Cybercrypt
  21. Kristian Gonzales, CTO, Aptum Cloud
  22. Steven Rodriguez, Security Consultant (Cloud) , Microsoft Azure
  23. Ashish Kar, VP, Product Management, Araali Networks
  24. Patrick Garrity, Cybersecurity Researcher / VP of Marketing, Nucleus Security
  25. Joshua Bregler, Cloud Security Leader, McKinsey & Company
  26. Matthew Chiodi, Chief Trust Officer, Cerby
  27. Andy Smith, CMO, Laminar
  28. Mukhtar Kabir, Sr. Cloud Security Architect, GuidePoint Security
  29. Anand Prakash, CEO, PingSafe
  30. Matt Hansen , Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
  31. Cornell MacLellan, Enterprise Cloud Security Advisor, Aqua
  32. Melinda Marks, Sr. Analyst – Application and Cloud Security, Enterprise Strategy Group
  33. Sean Connelly, Senior Cybersecurity Architect & TIC Program Manager, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  34. Karin Carney, Sr Sales Recruiter, Sysdig
  35. Eric Egger, Global Director of Sales Development, AppOmni
  36. Derek Smith, Practice Director of Azure, Trace3
  37. Jonathan Rau, Security Engineering Technical Leader, Cisco
  38. Jay Thoden van Velzen, Strategic Advisor, SAP
  39. Pradeep S. Sandhu, Cloud Security Leader, Deloitte
  40. Zinet Kemal, Associate Cloud Security Engineer, Best Buy
  41. Michael Ratemo, Advisory Board Member, SANS Institute
  42. Shachar Hirshberg, Senior Product Manager, AWS
  43. Riyaz Walikar, Chief Hacker Kloudle
  44. Nader Zaveri, Senior Manager - Incident Response & Remediation, Mandiant
  45. Chris Casel, Regional Sales Director, Waterfall Security Solutions
  46. Clint Gibler, Founder, tl;dr sec
  47. John McClure, CISO, Sinclair Inc.
  48. James Berthoty, Security Engineer, PagerDuty
  49. Mark ("Phish Toss") Petersen , Executive Board Member, Cloud Security Alliance
  50. Rajesh Kanumuru, Cloud Security Lead, we45


In this blog post, we present a comprehensive list of 50 cybersecurity influencers that you should follow on LinkedIn. These thought leaders represent various domains within the cybersecurity industry, including investigative journalism, security research, CISO leadership, Educators and Trainers. 

From Chad Lorenc and Chris Hughes to Abhay Bhargav and Shachar Hirshberg , each influencer brings unique insights and experiences to the table. By following these influencers, you'll gain access to the latest trends, cutting-edge research, and thought-provoking discussions. Join the conversation, stay informed, and be inspired by this dynamic group of cybersecurity experts.

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