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Case study

Mortgage Enterprise Partners with AppSecEngineer for Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, government organizations are held to some seriously high standards. They've got to follow all kinds of rules and regulations to keep their systems on lockdown. And that's exactly why one quasi-government entity decided to bring in the experts at AppSecEngineer.

These folks knew they had some gaps to fill when it came to their security skills and overall culture around safeguarding data. AppSecEngineer was tasked with overhauling their training program from the ground up. The goal? Give employees at every level the knowledge and mindset needed to truly raise the bar on cyber defense.

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Case study

Driving Business Growth with Product Security Training

Security consulting firms are under a lot of pressure. It's their responsibility to make sure their clients' products are secured, and they need to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. That's no easy task when you're dealing with complex stuff like DevSecOps, cloud security, and defensive security measures.

To keep their skills up to date, leading security consulting firms have turned to AppSecEngineer for training. We have innovative training programs that are designed to give consultants the latest knowledge and tools they need to protect their clients and keep their businesses growing strong.

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Case study

A New Era of AppSec Training for Energy Enterprises

For this global energy leader, maintaining security is on top of their priority, especially in their heavily regulated industry. But getting AppSec training to their massive, multi-disciplined workforce is not an easy task. So they joined forces with the experts at AppSecEngineer to find a scalable, adaptable solution. With AppSecEngineer's help, they could finally take their mission-critical security program to the next level without missing a single employee along the way.

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Case study

Next-Level AppSec Training for Leading Super Apps

Super apps have become a necessity because of their multiple services merged into one convenient interface. However, these diverse features also increase the risk of security vulnerabilities. A leading super app from Southeast Asia has this problem, and that's why they decided to partner with AppSecEngineer. 

With AppSecEngineer's expertise, the super app needed to strengthen its security measures across the board to protect its user's sensitive data.

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