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Case study

A New Era of AppSec Training for Energy Enterprises

For this global energy leader, maintaining security is on top of their priority, especially in their heavily regulated industry. But getting AppSec training to their massive, multi-disciplined workforce is not an easy task. So they joined forces with the experts at AppSecEngineer to find a scalable, adaptable solution. With AppSecEngineer's help, they could finally take their mission-critical security program to the next level without missing a single employee along the way.


This massive global energy company was used to relying on good old-fashioned instructor-led sessions for their AppSec training. And for a while, that approach worked just fine. But with over 100,000 employees with various roles from different locations, it was just impossible to do.

Suddenly, having those in-person training sessions for every single development team member, cloud operations specialist, and security personnel felt like a logistical nightmare. How could they possibly make sure that every last employee got the comprehensive, up-to-date training they needed in a reasonable timeframe? Not to mention keeping all that content fresh and engaging for such a diverse workforce? Talk about an operational can of worms.

It was painfully clear this energy leader needed to find a more sustainable, scalable way to level up their people's AppSec skills across the entire organization. But that's way easier said than done when you're that big of an organization. They needed to get creative—and find a partner with some serious training firepower.


This energy giant was facing an uphill battle when it came to calibrate their AppSec training across such a massive, global workforce. But then they found their solution in AppSecEngineer's powerful training platform, custom-built to meet their unique needs as an industry leader. Our robust program provides everything they’re looking for:

  • Interactive labs let teams get tactical in dedicated cloud sandboxes.
  • Secure coding, DevSecOps, comprehensive cloud security training—if there was a critical skill to master, they had it covered.
  • With the ability to customize curricula for each role, from developers to cloud ops, no more overly generic training wastes of time.
  • Detailed admin reporting lets managers easily track course completion, skills milestones, and knowledge gaps across all their teams.

AppSecEngineer provided this company's senior leadership to create structured, role-specific training paths. Developers could zero in on secure coding specifics for their languages. Cloud personnel leveled up their specialties. Practical challenges and tests baked in along the way made sure that the lessons really stuck.

Beyond Content Delivery

With AppSecEngineer in their corner, this energy giant got laser-focused on systematically upskilling their massive global workforce. They worked hand-in-hand with AppSecEngineer's customer success team to map out an airtight quarterly learning roadmap, complete with regular skills assessments. Having such a strategic approach lets them easily gauge team performance, and then adapt training strategies on the fly for maximum impact.

The key was AppSecEngineer's ultra-flexible platform that gave the company full control to administer courses, customize assignments, dole out tests, and accurately track progress across tens of thousands of employees. For the first time, they could truly scale a top-tier, role-specific security program enterprise-wide. It was a crystal-clear message to their workforce: staying ahead of the cybersecurity game is an absolute top priority for leadership. With AppSecEngineer's modern training solution, they were finally equipped to make good on that commitment.


Thanks to their partnership with AppSecEngineer, this energy leader finally had a comprehensive, engaging security program tailored to their global workforce. DevOps and dev teams saw engagement skyrocket as they leveled up skills through immersive labs and role-specific coursework. But it was the strategic training roadmaps and built-in assessments that really helped to continuously upskill at scale. Quarter after quarter, AppSecEngineer's structured approach helped them learn what it takes to tackle even the trickiest security challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Our platform could finally take their security best practices to every single employee, no matter how vast and dispersed the workforce. 
  • Developers, cloud engineers, security pros—customized assignments help them get the granular understanding needed to master the precise areas that mattered most to their roles. 
  • It wasn't just one-and-done training. Regular skills checks and structured roadmaps made continuously leveling up the norm.

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