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Case study

Mortgage Enterprise Partners with AppSecEngineer for Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, government organizations are held to some seriously high standards. They've got to follow all kinds of rules and regulations to keep their systems on lockdown. And that's exactly why one quasi-government entity decided to bring in the experts at AppSecEngineer.

These folks knew they had some gaps to fill when it came to their security skills and overall culture around safeguarding data. AppSecEngineer was tasked with overhauling their training program from the ground up. The goal? Give employees at every level the knowledge and mindset needed to truly raise the bar on cyber defense.


It was getting harder and harder for this top mortgage financing company to keep their in-house security training up to date. They were trying to cover all the latest application security topics, but their program just couldn't keep pace. Lab materials were outdated, and it showed—their dev teams, cloud ops crew, security personnel...they were all disengaged and lacking the cutting-edge skills they needed.

It became more obvious when the company made the leap to AWS. Suddenly, comprehensive cloud security training was a must, but a huge operational burden too. Setting up all those cloud resources for hands-on labs was a nightmare of logistics and tech hurdles. The entire training scope had blown up, and their outdated program couldn't handle it.

Their teams were struggling to stay sharp on the latest security best practices and tools. Specialized cloud understanding was sorely lacking across the entire enterprise. It was painfully clear they needed an overhaul—and fast—before their vulnerabilities caught up to them.


This mortgage company knew they needed to get their security training squared away, and fast. That's when they called in the experts at AppSecEngineer for a full-scale overhaul. AppSecEngineer's massive training library had everything these teams needed to get up to speed on secure coding, DevSecOps, cloud security across multiple platforms, you name it. Our solution tackled all their problems:

  • No more outdated materials—teams could dive into interactive exercises in dedicated cloud sandboxes for AWS, Azure, and GCP. 
  • Cryptography, authentication, security automation, AWS essentials...if it was a critical skill gap, we had a course to fill it.
  • Instead of randomized training, AppSecEngineer mapped out a structured curriculum tailored to each team's needs and experience level.
  •  An admin panel lets managers see exactly where employees stand on course completion, badges earned, tests passed, and more. No more guessing.

Having that sandboxed lab environment was huge. Teams could practice deploying and testing vulnerable resources without putting the company's assets at risk. Combined with those diverse course offerings and structured learning paths, it gave employees a coherent, comprehensive way to level up their skills. And with the admin panel, managers could make sure their teams were really absorbing those mission-critical security concepts.


Talk about a glow-up for this mortgage company's security training program! Once they joined forces with AppSecEngineer, everything changed for the better.

With that comprehensive admin panel, the security team could finally get strategic about assigning the right courses to the right people based on their roles and expertise levels. No more one-size-fits-all approach. And those quarterly skills assessments tied directly to the training topics? It helped a lot in tracking continuous improvement.

Yes, AppSecEngineer overhauled the logistics, but at the same time, they helped start a full-blown culture shift around security awareness too. Things like annual graduation ceremonies for employees who completed the intensive Security Champions curriculum made it feel like a real accomplishment. Certificates, rewards, shout-outs...little things that went a long way in solidifying the program's impact.

Thanks to this partnership, engagement was through the roof, and skill levels improved across all teams. Suddenly, employees had the knowledge and passion to tackle even the trickiest security challenges head-on. Vulnerabilities that used to leave the company exposed were detected and fixed real time. Their overall security posture just kept improving year after year.

Key Takeaways

  • With AppSecEngineer's training, the dev crew, cloud ops teams, security personnel—they were all excited to have a massive skills upgrade across the board. 
  • Those interactive labs and diverse course selections? Game-changers for boosting engagement and getting employees invested. 
  • Instead of random training modules, AppSecEngineer mapped out a structured curriculum tailored to each team. Plus detailed reporting lets managers guide employees' journeys every step of the way.
  • With recognition ceremonies, rewards, and a badge of honor for "Security Champions" graduates, AppSecEngineer helped make security awareness just ingrained in the company culture. Defending their systems became a point of pride.

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