DevSecOps with Gitlab CI

Cloud Labs

Gitlab CI is one of the most popular open source tools for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), and is a highly effective way to introduce automation into your DevOps workflow. This makes it the perfect tool to build a DevSecOps pipeline for secure app development.

This quick and easy course starts off with an introduction to Gitlab CI, how it works, its features and functionalities. We’ll take you through how to integrate security measures into various stages of development in a step-by-step approach.

Finally, what you’re really here to learn: building a DevSecOps pipeline within Gitlab CI. By following our hands-on labs across 3 example cases, you’ll learn how to build pipelines from scratch in a real-world environment.

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  • SAST Scans - GitLab-CI Template
  • Security Dashboard & Vulnerability Report
  • Container Security with GitLab CI
  • DAST(OWASP ZAP) Scan with Gitlab CI
  • DevSecOps Pipeline with GitLab CI