Threat Modeling with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool

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Threat Modeling
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Security Engineer
Cloud Labs

While designing any application, software architects play a key role in the security posture of the app by developing threat models to help engineers identify and mitigate potential security issues early.

The Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) is designed with non-security experts in mind, opening up AppSec processes for all developers, by providing clear guidance on creating and analyzing threat models.

This course begins with an introduction to threat modeling, and a detailed overview of TMT itself. We'll understand how the tool works and learn about its various features. Next, we'll learn how to use the tool: once we download and install it, we'll go over how to threat model a simple web app using TMT, and create a set of threat models and threat templates.

At the end of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding of operating TMT in the real world, and have hands-on experience building effective threat models for any application.

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