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Swift is a high-level general purpose programming language developed by Apple and the open source community as the successor to Objective-C. Swift was designed from the outset to be safer than C-based languages, and eliminates entire classes of unsafe code. 

But we’ll need to go even further than that to establish truly secure Swift-based applications. In this Swift Playground, we’ll be taking a hands-on approach to training in the essentials of secure coding in Swift.

First, we’ll begin by learning access control techniques, a must-have skill in any sphere of AppSec. We’ll also learn about one of the most common classes of vulnerabilities — Injection flaws, including SQL, Template, and Command Injection.

Next we’ll dive into secrets with a lab in cryptography, and learn about common security misconfigurations in Swift apps. To round off the Playground, we’ll finish with labs on confidential information caching and input validation, which are critical to managing user data.

Each lab in this Playground has you follow step-by-step instructions so you never get stuck, but offers the freedom to play around and test your skills in the sandbox environment.

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Access Control Techniques

Injection Flaws 

Cryptographic methods

Security Misconfigurations

Confidential Information Caching

Input Validation

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