Secrets Management with Hashicorp Vault

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Advanced Application Security
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Hashicorp Vault is one of the most advanced and widely used tools for secrets management, securely storing and controlling access to tokens, passwords and encryption keys. Vault integrates with AWS, Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms, making it possible to develop web applications with secure data protection mechanisms.

We’ll take a largely hands-on, practical approach to this course, starting with an introduction to Hashicorp Vault and its API. Using lab exercises, you’ll learn how to deploy Vault in production, manage static and dynamic secrets with Vault, and data encryption with Vault Transit Secrets Engine.

We’ll also explore access control management with Vault, including Secure Token Generation, PKI Secrets Interface and more.including Secure Token Generation, PKI Secrets Interface and more. Our final lesson is an in-depth look at seamlessly integrating Hashicorp Vault with your web applications.

All our training material, labs and video content are specially designed by AppSec Engineer for this course. This is a distillation of years of security testing experience, knowledge, and original research across our entire team. We’ve put a strong focus on real-world techniques, challenges and scenarios so you’ll be able to directly use what you’ve learned in a modern development environment.

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