Learning Roadmap for the


Attacking and Defending SSRF with Java EE
ReactJS - CSP Attack and Defense Playground
Practical Azure Key Vault
Securing Network Access to Azure Virtual Machines
DevSecOps with Azure DevOps
Jenkins Integration
DevSecOps with Gaia
Jenkins Security Best Practices
OSV Scanner Security Playground
Nuclei Automation for DevSecOps
DevSecOps with Gitlab CI
DAST with Jenkins
Static Analysis and Code Review for DevSecOps
Source Composition Analysis for DevSecOps
SCA with Jenkins
SAST with Jenkins
Github Actions for DevSecOps
DAST Automation with OWASP ZAP
Attacking Kubernetes Clusters Playground
Kubernetes Policy Management with Kyverno
Kubernetes Network Security and Service-Mesh Essentials
Kubernetes Authentication and Authorization
Kubernetes Admission Control
Intro to Kubernetes Secrets
Containers Beyond Docker
Essentials of Container Monitoring
Container Supply Chain Security Essentials
Attacking and Securing Container Registry
Attacking and Defending Containers
No items found.

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