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This August, AppSecEngineer is releasing 4 brand-new courses for our Container Security Learning Path.
From Container supply chains to a future beyond Docker, these courses feature
15+ hours of content and nearly 20 hands-on labs.

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Container Supply Chain
Security Essentials

Supply chains are a key part of managing software projects at scale. This course will take a hands-on focus on tools, workloads, and methods to manage even the most complex Container supply chains.
  • Understand how to generate and manage Container Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), and the tools to help you do that

  • Ensure integrity with Container Image with signatures. Learn to master tools like cosign, fulcio, rekor and Project Sigstore
  • Learn about Container Image provenance, and how you can use it to run more secure workloads

Attacking and Securing Container Registries

Container Registry is where product teams can manage Docker Images, perform vulnerability analysis, and lets you set up fully automated Docker pipelines. This course will dive deep into Container Image management, scanning, access management, and more.
  • Manage Container images and repositories with Harbor, the most popular Container Registry tool

  • Leverage Security Capabilities of Harbor like Image Scanning, Signatures, Access Management, Observability, and more
  • Leverage Harbor’s Tag Security functionality to protect container images
  • Integrate Container Registry with OAuth and OIDC services

Containers Beyond Docker

Docker has been the go-to platform for building and deploying containerized applications. But what about the alternatives? This course will take you on a journey beyond Docker, and security solutions across these unconventional platforms.
  • Understand Container internals - Learn how you can create containers in Linux (DIY!)

  • Understand Container Runtimes like Containerd, cri-o, runC
  • Leverage higher isolation container runtimes and unikernels like Firecracker, Kata Containers, NanoVMs and Nestybox

Essentials of Container Monitoring

After deployment, container monitoring is key to ensuring your container stay secure against real-world attackers. In this course, you will learn what kind of threats to look out for, go hands-on with tools to monitor container deployments, and much more.
  • Container Monitoring Essentials: major risk factors and things to look for

  • Deep-dive into Sysdig Falco. Leverage eBPF to monitor container deployments
  • Alternative Container Security Monitoring approaches with osquery and/or tracee
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